“Placed. That. Coffee. Down! Coffee’s for closers.” Do you remember Alec Baldwin’s iconic scene from Glengarry Glenn Ross? Baldwin’s vicious and searing monologue as the fiercely intense salesguys is without a doubt, one of the most infamous scenes in movie history; and also via excellent reason. We’ve all most likely experienced a coach or manager favor Alec Baldwin’s character Blake. Some would call it brash and also a bit aggressive, yet to contact it that would take ameans from the dire and motivating message it was meant to deliver; If you want to be great in anything, you have to be focused and also hungry.

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A few of the most memorable and coherent moments in our stays come from the instances we get rid of that would either make or break us. Have you ever before been in a case where your incredibly livelihood hung in the balance and also you only had a short time to save it? Well, this was certainly the case for the salesmales of Glengarry Glen Ross. Tright here are many type of important sales lessons in this film for business-minded people who desire to make it to the optimal. Whether it’s learning exactly how to continue to be disciplined and also motivated, or finding out how to control a case, the film has actually many kind of essential sales lessons that are worth reviewing. So put that coffee down and also take notes!

Here are 5 key sales lessons from Glengarry Glen Ross that will keep you on your toes and cshed today!


Always Be Helping

A major sales lesboy in Glengarry Glenn Ross is discovering just how to be tbelow for your prospects. It pays to understand their major troubles, their doubts, and also any kind of questions they can have. Successful sales representatives have actually a method of guiding and helping their prospects to make decisions. Try and also get into the minds of your prospects. You will land and also cshed even more leads.

Kcurrently What The Swarm Is

In the movie, Ricky Roma (played by Al Pacino) says, “Never open your mouth until you understand what the swarm is”. It’s important to understand the weight of our decisions and also the impact an informed decision has actually on being a stellar sales representative. Knowing the swarm suggests knowledge the context for any deal you close. Getting a great read on your prospects is one of the the majority of crucial elements of cshedding sales.


Have a Clear Goal

You can’t get to wright here you want to be if you don’t recognize where you’re going. If you don’t understand precisely what you or your prospect wants from a deal than you are not indeveloped.How will certainly you know what you’re functioning towards? Cshedding deals intend establishing clear goals and also expectations prior to entering any type of meeting or agreeing to any kind of deal.

“Coffees for Closers”

Comparable to “Never put off for tomorrow that which you have the right to do now,” This is simply an excellent reminder to press with and complete what you started before taking a break. Challenge yourself and also be relentless through the goals you set for yourself and also your team. You will feel better each time you achieve an additional one of your objectives. Wrapping up any micro-purposes you collection for yourself can additionally inspire you to get even more work-related done because of the momentum of success you’ve developed. Save the coffee for after you take treatment of your purposes.


A-I-D-A (Attention, Interest, Decision, Action)

Perhaps among the a lot of iconic and valuable parts of Alec Baldwin’s speech is his AIDA acronym:



There are numerous means to get someone’s attention, but just how carry out you keep it? We are constantly distracted through more points vying for our attention than ever before prior to. Humor works well yet can backfire if you can’t check out the room. You can’t cshed if you don’t understand how to get the attention of your prospects.


Are they interested? If not, then are you wasting your time? This is the part where your passion of the product or service need to shine. How will certainly you keep their interest? Don’t lie to cshed deals. Tell a story, obtain familiar, and also speak via passion.


The minute you’ve been functioning so tough to get to. You’ve obtained them behind the wheel, currently it’s time to drive. Will they put the pedal to the metal? This is where the hardest hitting concerns and objections rear their head. It takes the majority of confidence to overview a prospect right into making a decision. Continue to reiteprice just how necessary their decision is and how the worth of their alternative deserve to influence their future.

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Closing time. This is your moment of glory. Write up and describe the agreement, ask if they have actually any type of concerns or expectations and also cshed the deal.


Aside from being ridiculously quotable, Glengarry Glenn Ross is filled via many sales lessons and motivating speeches. They may not all be applicable, however they are sucount inspiring and at the very leastern entertaining. Glengarry Glenn Ross teaches sales groups to market through confidence, study and learn from their prospects, and also to be relentless with their purposes. Put these actionable sales lessons from Glengarry Glen Ross to great use for your very own sales career and you will close more deals!