A couple of days, isn"t a very long time. Why can"t I just walk away, I used to be good at goodbye. But out on the water, Under the stars,
I let the moonlight play a trick on my heart. You had some fun for the weekend. But I"ll be in love for the rest of my life. You took me out to the deep end, And I fell right over, I didn"t think twice. I finally got something worth keepin". And if I can"t have you tonight, At least I had the weekend.

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The radio plays, the sound of the waves rollin" in. The smell of the night, Sure can get under your skin. Just for a moment, I held you too close. Now I"m all out of time, and I don"t wanna let go.
How much can happen in a night or two? I guess it"s all depending on your point of view.


Brings back memories of driving the backroads of roane county tennessee years ago and listening to this and many other great country songs. Life can never be what it once was


This song takes me back and way back... This song was playing when we was driving way to fast trying to get some where, I think it was a BABY shower, lol. Thank God the trooper let us go... Good memories ✌❤



I thought I had something worth keeping and this song takes me right there to that feeling of being in love.

This is the good country that I grew up on not the stuff they play today this what country used to be When I was growing up I hate the stuff they stuff they play these days

Have followed Steve"s career since the early 1980"s. His music has meant so much to my life! SO TALENTED!!! Never got the recognition he deserved. He has one of the great tenor voices in the country music business. Thanks for your music Steve! God Bless you & your family!

First song I dedicated to my wife in 1987. Got married in September 25th.1988. Lost her on February 14th of 2000. Love her 4 ever !!!

I just LOVE this song and can"t wait to hear him LIVE on the 9th of November here in Texas. It was my husbands" and my son.

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My dad was a great musician and sang this song back in the early 90s. I don"t have a recording of him singing this song but it brings back so many memories of being a kid and watching my dad on that stage....jammin. He was such an awesome guy. Not a day goes by I dont think about him and wish he was here to see his grandkids. Love you pops! Till we meet again!!!✊

Steve worked many shows my husband Ken Allen promoted and he is the sweetest person I have had the pleasure to know. Been a fan for years,he was abt 20 when I met him.