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Captain Lou Albano"s "Just Say No" PSA is a 19-second Public Service Announcement featuring the then-professional wrestler Captain Lou Albano, who implores kids not to usage drugs. Online, the PSA has been edited and also poked fun of for it"s darker tones.


In the PSA, Lou Albano, wearing a partial Mario hat (in referral to his portrayal of the Nintendo character in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) intently tells kids not to usage drugs. At the end of the speech, Albano claims that, "…If you do drugs, you"ll go to hell before you die," complied with by a delayed, unsettling "Please."

While originally uploaded in late 2008, the PSA did not pick up steam till October 21, 2013, when an edited version of the PSA popped up, adding flames and speech distortion at the "…go to hell before you die" section.<1>


Albano"s drug PSA had actually not gained much attention till Twitch streamer and also YouTuber Joel of Vinesauce uploaded a small clip of him modifying the letters within the PSA, during his "Drug Games" stream.<2> Afterwards November 30, Youtuber JonTron uploaded a review featuring miscellaneous drug PSA"s from the 1990"s, including Lou Albano"s PSA.<3>

Between the Vinesauce video and also JonTron"s evaluation, edits and also reactions towards Lou Albano"s "Just Say No" PSA were very renowned, via many type of of them concentrating in the direction of the "…go to hell before you die" area of the commercial.



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