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Dale from UsaThis song just provides sense if the initially word of each verse is "Yah", or "Jah", both meaning God or creator, which the I believe is the topic.see more comments
Soul ManSam & Dave

The Sam & Dave classic "Soul Man" was re-videotaped by Sam Moore and Lou Reed for the 1986 movie Soul Man, around a white guy that preoften tends to be black so he can get a scholarship to Harvard.

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Don"t Worry Be HappyBobby McFerrin

The song "Don"t Worry Be Happy" does not usage any kind of tools - it"s all Bobby McFerrin making use of miscellaneous parts of his body to make the sounds.

Love ShackThe B-52s

Rupaul was in the video for "Love Shack" by the B-52"s. He had a solo hit with "Supermodel" a few years later.

Time After TimeCyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper came up with the title "Time After Time" once she saw it in TV Guide magazine. It"s the name of a 1979 movie about a male that invents a time machine.

Black Hole SunSoundgarden

It has lengthy been speculated that the Soundgarden song "Black Hole Sun" came from the name of a sculpture in Seattle, yet according to their frontguy Chris Cornell the title came from a phrase he misheard on the news. The band"s name did come from a sculpture.

Won"t Get Fooled AgainThe Who

"Won"t Get Fooled Again" by The Who is around a transformation, but it doesn"t have actually a happy finishing, because in the finish the new program becomes just prefer the old one. Pete Townshend believed that whoever before remained in power was destined to come to be corrupt.

The Real Nick DrakeTrack Writing

The head of Drake"s estate shares his insights on the late individual singer"s life and also music.

Director Nick Morris ("The Final Countdown")Song Writing

Nick made some of the best videos on MTV, consisting of "The Final Countdown," "Heaven" and "Don"t Know What You Got (Till It"s Gone)."

Elton JohnFact or Fiction

Does he have actually beef through Gaga? Is he Sean Lennon"s godfather? See if you can tell fact from fiction in the Elton John edition.

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John ParrSongwriter Interviews

John tells the "St. Elmo"s Fire (Man In Motion)" story and also defines why he disappeared for so lengthy.

Chris TomlinSongwriter Interviews

The king of Christian worship music explains talks around creating songs for troubled times.

Rosanne CashSongwriter Interviews

Rosanne talks about the journey that influenced her songs on her album The River & the Threview, including a speak at the Tallahatchie Bridge.