Error: User blocked/deleted

If you"re utilizing"s Facebook inbox function, you might suffer an error that reads: 

User blocked you or deleted the conversation with you.


That error implies that the recipient has actually closed your chat, or blocked you. It"s a Facebook error, and not one that have the right to bypass. Here is the error that Facebook provides.

"message": "(#200) This perkid isn"t easily accessible appropriate now.",

"type": "OAuthException",

"code": 200,

"error_subcode": 1545041,

"fbtrace_id": "**************"

According to Facebook"s developer page, the error message suggests "Post Not Sent: This person isn"t easily accessible ideal now." This occurs once a user deletes a conversation.

If you go straight to Facebook, you"ll be able to reply to this recipient also if the conversation is deleted. The recipient will get a repursuit to create a new conversation through you. No error is produced. This is not the instance when making use of a third-party company prefer When you reply from we usage the Facebook application that is linked to your web page, so this error will take place if the recipient closes the chat or blocks you.

Error: User cannot be found

Error might read: 

User cannot be found.


That error implies that the recipient has closed your chat, or blocked you. It"s a Facebook error, and also not one that can bypass. Here is the error that Facebook provides.

"message": "(#100) No corresponding user found."


Error: This message cannot be sent outside of the allowed 24-hour window

Error might review : 

Faibrought about send : This message cannot be sent outside of the enabled 24-hour home window

Error may likewise check out : 

Draft failure: This message cannot be sent external of the allowed 24-hour home window


Since March fourth, 2020, Facebook no much longer permits you to reply with a third-party app like after 24 hours have expired. You will just have the ability to reply with to messeras received in the last 24 hours. If you’d choose to learn more around this plan change, you can obtain more details in this thorough guide publiburned by Facebook.

Error: Our accessibility to this account was revoked.

Error may show up in channel settings as:



Teams with multiple Facebook peras might view this error because of the way that Facebook provisions web page accessibility permissions to apps like  The authentication procedure starts with a list of all Facebook pages the authenticated account deserve to administrate.  It"s crucial to examine all the pperiods that will or have been included to as this screen dictates the scope of access has actually for that account.  If you include Page A and also later on include Page B, yet just select Page B throughout the authentication process, will just have actually accessibility to Page B going forward.  Access to Page A will certainly be revoked.


Revoke the app permissions from the Facebook user account doing the authentication. - To execute this, you will must log right into Facebook - Click the drop-dvery own arrow next to the bell - Click right into Settings - Click right into Business Integrations on the left-hand side - Click the checkbox beside and also click "Remove". Log in to in an incognito internet browser window to stop any existing sessions. Add a new or re-authorize an existing Facebook channel in When the first pop-up window from Facebook appears, make certain that all pperiods that are or will be included to are selected, not just the one currently acquiring added/re-authorized.  You"ll be motivated to pick the specific web page at a later on allude. On the next window, you need to be prompted on which perobjectives you are giving  All of the toggles on this web page must be turned on. The next window must offer you the alternative to pick the specific page you"re actually adding to

Error: A message attachment can not be sent because of brand-new Facebook privacy rules in Europe. Please incorporate the file as an outside link.

When sfinishing a Facebook message through an attachment, error might read:

A message attachment could not be sent due to new Facebook privacy rules in Europe. Please include the file as an external connect.


In order to comply through European privacy regulations, Facebook has actually restricted particular attributes for the adhering to Messenger users:

Europe pages in all chats Pages with admins in Europe in all chats Any chats with human being in Europe

The complete details of these transforms are provided in Facebook"s Developer documentation here.

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Rerelocate the attachment from that message.  Uppack the attachment to a document sharing company and encompass a sharing link for that file as a message link in the draft you"re trying to send.