In the last lesson, we stated Mark 11:23-24, I want to present it to you aget because you have to get this one deep down on the inside of you. It’s the crucial to unlocking your success. I promise that if you act out on these scriptures, your life will certainly readjust course in the direction you want it to. This is Jesus talking, (focus mine) teaching on the power of HAVING what you SAY. Check it:

“Truly I tell you, whoever before SAYS to this hill, Be lifted up and thrown right into the sea! And does not doubt at all in his heart however believes that what he SAYS will certainly take location, it will be done for him.

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For this factor I am telling you, whatever before you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and also be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will certainly .”

You’ll notification that Jesus tells us “Whoever says” to the hill. First off, it states “WHOEVER” – hey that’s you! And then he instructs that you deserve to SAY to the hill in front of you (The hill represents anypoint hovering over you – a hill of debt, or absence, or sin, or addictions, or poor habits) to obtain out of here! And if you don’t doubt in your heart (sidenote: it says “heart” – doubt still could involved your brain, but don’t let it sink into your heart) however rather believes what he SAYS will certainly take location, IT WILL BE DONE FOR HIM.

-Wow that’s powerful, I use this scripture, this perspective, every single day of my life. It has actually been ingrained and establimelted in my heart as a truth, that I will have actually whatever before I say.

The Power of Confession:

Nearly on 10 years back I began a confession sheet. I created out precisely what I was believing God for, put it in first perboy and also backed it up with bibles.

I started to read, stop, confess and declare these requests everyday. And I son you not, it functioned. I literally spoke my future right into visibility. No, it didn’t occur overnight, (but it nearly seemed like it!) and also God gave me precisely what I asked for.

It looks something like this:

“God I thank you for this great day, I say thanks to you for every little thing you are doing in my life. God I know your hand of blessing is on my life now, you both precede me and follow me (Ps 139:5)

I give thanks to you Lord for the future and also hope you have for me, I recognize your plan is to prosper me in all I carry out (Jeremiah 29:11)

I thank you in advancement Father, for the perfect wife for me, in your perfect timing, I recognize you will certainly bring her to me and that I will certainly recognize without a shadow of a doubt she will be the one you have actually picked for me. God I give thanks to you for paying for her engagement ring, it’s the exact one she desires, and also while we’re at it, I say thanks to you currently for setting us up in the perfect house for us also, I actors these cares to you and also recognize you’ll obtain it handled for us. (1 Peter 5:7)

Lord I thank you for financial rise this particular day, your word states you will teach me exactly how to profit, and also present me the route to take to gain tbelow (Isaiah 48:17 NKJV) So I am asking you to day for a raise and also a proactivity at occupational this particular day, present me how to profit so ultimately I have the right to begin my own company and also live a life complimentary from the limitations of a job…”

-That’s simply an excerpt, yet I’ll tell you what, when you stop like this, you are speaking prefer God speaks. (Remember He developed through His words – currently you carry out the same!) And when you speak prefer God speaks, you get His type of results.

Here are some of the points I personally asked for and also confessed until I received them:

The perfect way to propose to my fiance:(God lugged an outsider who offered me the principle, not just did she say yes, yet it was on TV and also I acquired phelp $1200 – more on this later)The perfect house to start our life out in: (We acquired it in the specific area we wanted, WELL listed below market worth, AND we acquired an catalyst bonus of $8000 when we bought it)I confessed for the appropriate godly friends to come into my life, the ones that sharpen me and also make me better: (I meet through my crew eextremely saturday morning for breakfast and the results have been phenomenal)I’ve confessed we are debt complimentary and also will proceed to execute so until we have actually it: (I only owe on my residence. No crmodify cards, no vehicles, no institution loans -nothing!)I also confessed to have a month lengthy honeymoon after I obtained married – and got it!

…Those are just a couple of. I incorporate praying that loved ones and also family members come to know Christ, ask God to show you wbelow to serve at your church, or confess that you will be the biggest giver in your whole congregation!

Later, after I was married, I asked for the “cutest son in the totality city”


-Boom, acquired that too!

This isn’t a magic formula to get whatever you desire, no that’s not what I’m saying.

What I am saying is that what Jesus said functions. You will have what you say.

Romans 10:17 teaches us that “Faith comes by hearing, hearing the Word of God.” The more you hear it, the even more faith you’ll have for it. And that’s when points acquire interesting!

The even more you confess it (out loud!) the more you hear it, the more you hear it, the even more you think it, the even more you think it, the more you sheight, the even more you speak it, THE MORE YOU HAVE IT! It’s an effective, faith-filled cycle, and I strongly indicate you obtain on it this particular day. This has actually changed my life more than anything.

Let this sink in: 

“You are wright here you are this particular day, bereason of the words you spoke yesterday.”

In various other words: “You are a summation of all the words you’ve spoken up till this allude.”

Here is your Action Step:

I’ve included a sample confession sheet you have the right to get for yourself by clicking below.

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 Take it and also customize to fit your researches, and then print it off.

(I often utilize the “pay what you desire model” for these Bonus resources – this helps me to proceed carry out what I perform. If you don’t want to pay anything, ssuggest put in “$0” – no tough feelings!)