WWE Smackdvery own tapings are in San Diego, The golden state, this week via a restricted roster because of many of the company’s peak stars – Romale Reigns, New Day, the Wyatts and also others – already heading off for a European Tour.

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Still, Intercontinental Champion The Miz was tright here via his wife, Maryse, and they kick off the present through a MizTV segment. Zack Ryder comes out to confront him, and also Miz claims that he would certainly offer Ryder an additional possibility to win the belt from hi, yet Ryder already has a complement collection via Baron Corbin.

Watch WWE SmackDvery own 14th April 2016 Video Highlights here:

Baron Corbin def. Zack Ryder


Corbin gets the quick win prior to going for the beatdvery own on Ryder. Dolph Ziggler renders the save, causing a scuffle between Ziggler and Corbin.

This is pretty clearly bring about a enhance between Ziggler and Corbin at Payback, and also while Ziggler will assist Corbin put on a great complement, it’s unfortunate to realize that this has to end in victory for Corbin. That’s excellent for the recent NXT call-up, however it’s an additional challenging loss for Ziggler, a fan favorite and strong worker. As for Ryder and Miz, we know that Miz is destined for a title complement through Cesaro, so it will certainly be interesting to check out exactly how long Ryder remains on the major roster from below.

Emma def. Paige

This is likewise a brief match, with Emma acquiring the impressive win after Paige takes a huge bump.

Paige has actually establimelted herself as among the top women’s performers and deserve to definitely host her very own against the talented female stars that have actually been called up more recently from NXT. Hopetotally, this was a result just intfinished to establish Emma as a hazard for her feud with Becky Lynch.

Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady def. The Ascension (Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders Tournament)

Enzo and Big Cass were superior in their first-round victory and also will certainly relocate on to confront the Dudley Boyz in the next round. 

This was a extremely predictable outcome, through the NXT call-ups clearly headed for the victory. When you include in that they’ve been beefing through the Dudleys in their first couple weeks on the major roster, the bracket made it clear this complement was coming. You deserve to never before tell exactly what the WWE authors are going to execute, but the best relocate would be to have actually the fesh deals with gain the win in the next round. Expect some great mic occupational ahead of the complement.

Up following is a backstage interview via AJ Styles, interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. Are we around to check out Styles injected right into the spat in between the League of Nations and the Wyatts with Romale Reigns, or is this just a one-time thing while the others are in Europe?

The crowd is obviously fired up for this one, which includes a pretty scary moment that has actually currently been the topic of a great bit of speculation. Del Rio botches a relocate that caused Styles landing on his neck. The “Phenominal One” gets the roll-up win before holding his neck all the way up the ramp.

The hope below is that Styles was just offering the activity of the complement, for multiple factors. Obviously, everyone wants Styles to be OK, but any kind of injury would be one more substantial blow to the WWE’s storyline and also roster. Guys are finally beginning to rerotate from the astronomical injury bug of 2015, and it would certainly be a major disappointment if someexactly how Styles can’t go for his World Heavyweight Championship enhance versus Reigns at Payearlier.

As for Del Rio, the Organization of Nations has actually been booked curiously. They got a significant win over New Day at WrestleMania 32, but otherwise, not much has actually gone appropriate for the group of previous champions in current weeks.

Next we see Fandango, for a rare appearance to have a comedic exreadjust through Goldust ant R-Truth

Vaudevillains def. Golden Truth (Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders Tournament)

Most of the matches seem really quick in the time of this show, and this is one more one, as the Vaudevillains breakthrough in the tournament to decide who will gain the next shot at the New Day’s tag team titles.

The recent NXT call-ups are set for a match against the Usos in the semifinals, but that might be in question after Karl Anderchild and Doc Gallows beat the Samoan brothers dvery own after their first-round match. Genables and also Anderkid, that apparently broke up a match involving neighborhood talent prior to the taping, weren’t in the tournament, yet tright here has actually been some speculation that this “Outsiders” style angle can somejust how result in them gaining the Usos spot or gaining in the tournament some other method.

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Tbelow has actually obviously additionally been plenty of conversation about how their dehowever on the major roster impacts the anticipated call-up of Finn Balor. Will he debut to sign up with his former Bullet Club mates? Will they rather side through AJ Styles, another former Bullet Club leader? Or will certainly the WWE take this an additional direction entirely?

Sami Zayn def. Chris Jericho (Disqualification)

This battle of gifted Canadian employees, with Dean Ambincreased and also Kevin Owens giving commentary and interference, went exactly as can be expected. Zayn and also Jericho put on a show in the ring, and Ambclimbed and also Owens carry out what they perform on the microphones. Owens gets associated to lug the DQ end up, and normally, Zayn and also Ambrose win the day to finish the show.