Smackdown Live didn"t existing its best this past Tuesday night, yet it still uncovered a means to entertain me, and also many type of others, over the course of its two-hour running time.

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Before we dig into the details, below are the complete match outcomes from SAP Center in San Jose, Calif.:

- Dolph Ziggler def. The Spirit Squad

- Naomi def. Carmella

- Jimmy Uso def. Chad actually Gable

- James Ellsworth def. AJ Styles

- The Wyatt Family def. Randy Orton & Kane

Ellsworth, No. 1 contender

A wise guy once sassist that any type of guy with two hands has a fighting opportunity. Well, he forobtained that any guy through 2 hands might beat the WWE World champion.

That is what occurred Tuesday night once Ellsworth, the good male I mentioned previously, beat Styles, the present WWE World champion.

Ellsworth"s historical win didn"t come through some conflict, and also that controversy came in the form of Dean Ambincreased being a really biased unique guest referee.

The irony was that Styles was the male that selected Ellsworth as his enemy. Ambincreased took umbrage through his decision, however was put as the one-of-a-kind guest referee at the request of Smackdvery own Live general manager Daniel Bryan.

Ambclimbed did everything he can to aid Ellsworth in this match. He counted quickly whenever before Ellsworth went for a pin attempt and blatantly ignored Styles", even going as far as to take a phone contact and sign an autograph for a fan in the front row.

At some point, Ambincreased stopped beating roughly the bush and also hit Styles via the dirty deeds DDT twice and also pulled Ellsworth"s lifemuch less body on peak of Styles" and also easily counted to three.

It might seem preposterous that a preliminary wrestler pinned the peak wrestler in the world. If you feel that way, you are correct. It is preposterous. However before, that was the intention.

Also, Ellsworth fundamentally did nothing. Ambrose did every one of the work-related. It took two dirty deeds DDTs to put down Styles.

Besides, the fans understand and love Ellsworth, who was virtual unwell-known just six months back.

And lastly, Styles will get his revenge next week when he will confront Ellsworth for the WWE World championship on Smackdvery own Live.

I"m not making that up either. Ellsworth will get a WWE World title enhance following week, which is wright here I totally expect Styles to not just win, but do so in leading fashion.

The segment and also the match Tuesday were pretty entertaining and I favor that WWE brings ago Ellsworth on occasion. People view him as he lovable loser and a guy like him is perfect for that role.

Smackdown Live difficulties Raw

The other significant happening from the present was Bryan and also Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon issuing a difficulty to Raw for Survivor Series.

The challenge: Three Survivor Series matches pitting Raw versus Smackdvery own Live to view what brand is remarkable in the ring.

One Survivor Series would certainly put 5 of each brand"s height male stars against each other. Anvarious other would put their height female stars versus each other.

The third would certainly put each brand"s top tag teams versus each various other.

This is not an original concept by any type of suggests. WWE put Raw versus Smackdvery own in the time of the previous brand expansion with the now-defunct pay-per-view Bragging Rights.

The only trouble was that WWE have to have actually supplied the concept for Survivor Series and also not put on Bragging Rights a month or 2 before it.

With that sassist, I think this is an excellent idea for Survivor Series. It has actually been as well lengthy because the focus of Survivor Series has actually been everything but the match that carries its name.

Survivor Series offered to be filled with Survivor Series matches, yet recently fans would certainly be lucky if WWE put on one.

This year, it looks favor tbelow is going to be 3 through each of them feeling crucial. That"s an excellent thing.

I understand I complained about tbelow being a trio of Hell in a Cell matches at the pay-per-view, but Hell in a Cell is an extra special enhance than Survivor Series and it shouldn"t even be cshed in importance.

Where is Curt Hawkins?

Hawkins said at No Mercy that he was going to wrestle on Smackdvery own Live, however didn"t also cut a promo.

It"s not that I"m personally craving to view Hawkins in the ring aobtain. I"m simply wondering why he wasn"t even on tv.

Oh wait, here is our explaicountry.

Things warm up between Carmella, Bella

The feud continued between Bella and Carmella Tuesday via Carmella attacking Bella backstage aacquire and Bella chasing her out of the arena in the time of the show.

So much, this feud has been great, yet it has actually lacked some depth. Hopetotally, WWE deserve to insert some relocating forward.

Naomi proceeds to win

WWE is unexpectedly putting some vapor behind Naomi by providing her yet one more win. After beating Alexa Bliss at No Mercy, Naomi adhered to that up via a win over Carmella on Smackdvery own Live.

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Naomi will ultimately receive a match for the Smackdvery own Women"s championship by virtue of her win over Bliss, who is the existing No. 1 challenger, yet it looks choose WWE is providing her some momentum before the complement actually happens.