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Would we make a great couple? (Girls only)
lately eexceptionally girl I`ve had actually was a fake. I just desire to know if a genuine, hocolony perchild exists. lets discover out, shall we? (e)
1Why did you take this quiz?
because i desire to discover out if we`d make a cute couple!
Just curious...

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i honestly don`t know...
bereason i think I can love you.
2i tell you I love you. What carry out you say?
I love you too!
thanks! your so sweet!
i......love you...
3I kiss you. What perform you do? (save in mind this ISN`T on the initially date)
rerotate the favor, or force a hug.
organize me earlier.
say that i`m too wanty
Say something "comforting"
4I contact you, but your not tright here. Finally, you pick up, and also I define what i`ve been doing. What carry out you say?
OMG, I`m so sorry Kyle!! (yeah, that`s my real name)
Im sorry, don`t be mad!
sucks to be you, child.
I love you!
5I take you somewhere sophisticated on our *third-fifth* date. What execute you say?
This is really unexpected! Thank you!
Isn`t this a little too much?
I love you, sweety!
What the hell are you trying to pull?
6I tell ask you whats wrong when your sad. How carry out you feel?
good, I understand you love me and are trying to make me feel better.
ok, but I want to be alone, no one deserve to help..
mad...what are you doing here, man?
I don`t really understand, this totality point was required, anymeans...
7your friend tells you to dump me bereason they don`t favor me. Do you agree with them?
hell no! I wouldn`t carry out that! It`s not fair to either of us.
yes, maybe i was wrong around you, Kyle...
I don`t know best currently...
8What are you? (my last quiz would certainly aid here)
a rocker
normal, I guess
9What type of music execute you listen to?
whatevers popular
10For gods sake, would you cheat on me?
Hell to the no!
Yes, I wouldn`t be sneaky around ti, either.
11Do you think I`d cwarmth on you?
No, why would certainly you?
yes, you`re a cheating child of a b*tch.
perhaps, if you would certainly I`d understand.

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