The aircraft carrier is the many extrasimple class of hefty ships in the game. Tbelow are no severe artillery installations, yet tbelow is lethal weapon - air-groups.

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A successful and clever strategy is able to turn enemy ships right into wrecks. Let's talk around exactly how to play on an aircraft carrier in World of Warships.

Features of aircraft carrier control

First of all, push the "1" essential on the key-board for opening map. Here you can specify a specific route by which the ship will follow. If there is a should set certain route, hold dvery own the "Shift" key and also mark all the regulate points on the map.

Features of air group management

To begin the World of Warships on the aircraft carrier, you should use the "2", "3" and also "4" keys on the key-board.

To select your fighter teams - press "2" or "3";

Control of torpeexecute bombers is done by utilizing the "3" or "4" keys;

To activate bombers, push "5" key.

Once the vital air team is schosen, you must collection the route for the aircraft teams. To do this, click the left mouse switch on the strategic map and pick targets. If tbelow is a must collection broadened route to hit several targets - organize down the Shift crucial and click the left computer mouse switch on your targain via each air group.

To conduct successful assaults of adversary ships and also sustain your firepower, it is vital to defend eincredibly air unit. With the loss of the whole air team, you deserve to usage reserve teams. However, it should be done wisely. After all, the emergency stock of air groups is limited.

How to attack adversary ships with air groups:

Torpedo bombers

Select a team of torpedo bombers by pushing the equivalent key. After that, move the cursor over the foe ship and press the left computer mouse button. As a result, torpeexecute action area will be highlighted in green. The direction of the strike is basic to adjust, simply drag the symbol alengthy the circle. If you require an extra specific aiming, then press the "Alt" key. In this mode, you can manually specify the place of the torpeexecute drop.

Dive bombers

Select bombers air team through your keyboard and also set the route on the strategic map. The whole procedure is comparable. Therefore, there will certainly be no challenges. In order to start to win consistently and also remain alive as long as feasible - you must constantly be in the shadows, invisible. This is very vital, bereason the aircraft carrier is absolutely helpless as soon as detected by foe cruisers and also destroyers. This calls for a discussion in a chat with your team mates about tactical and also strategic facets of the upcoming battle.

Let ally ships guard aircraft carrier, it will certainly pay off for the team overall. Damage from the correctly planned raids of air groups is ssuggest damaging.

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Now you understand exactly how to start playing on aircraft carriers in World of Warships!

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