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Want to control your time better? A straightforward poem, “Work While You Work, Play While You Play,” may organize the trick to more productive days. These are my “words to live by” in this seakid of life!


There’s a poem hanging in my parents’ house that I check out many times flourishing up. It’s penciledby hand on white paper, finish via illustrations–my sister’s assignment from Mom one long-back homeinstitution day.

Tright here were a few other poems and proverbs that decorated our residence through the years, many type of of which didn’t completely make feeling to me. But I “got” this one. Although I had actually some vague suspicions that Mom chose it with chores in mind, it talked around play, as well, so at least tbelow was balance.

The poem goes like this:

Work while you occupational Play while you play. One point each time, That is the method. All that you do, Do via your could. Things done by halves Are not done ideal.

Recently these words have actually been running approximately my head, ending up being a mantra for my days. The poem’s easy instruction appeals to me. My friend Sarah states (in this post) that we have to respecify simplicity for each seachild of life–and ideal currently, this poem defines it for me.

Here’s just how I’m applying it:

Work while you work:I’m establishing aside dedicated time for job-related, as soon as I buckle dvery own and obtain as a lot done in the space allotted to me as possible–generally in the time of Little Dude’s nap times. I get rid of distractions: silence my phone, cshed unnecessary web browser tabs, and so on. I don’t think about what else I must perform that day, I just focus! If work time is diluted with distractions, I lose the feeling of success that permits me to truly play and relax later.

Play while you play:Tright here are brief periods of play, favor the leicertain time I obtain in the evenings, and much longer durations of play, favor a week-long vacation to the beach. Both are necessary for a well balanced, refreburned life and must be delineated through protective borders.Because I really do gain my blogging and Virtual Assistant job-related, it’s all as well easy to fritter amethod my leicertain time via miscellaneous job-related jobs.

But this needs to speak. Checking email and also making use of social media count as occupational for me, and also I’m trying to be more diligent about conserving these tasks for occupational hours. Instead, I want to store my evening “playlist” to tasks prefer diving right into a novel, browsing Calvin and also Hobbes while enjoying a brownie (that was last night’s pick!), or reading blogs purely for fun (not for networking or finding content to pin!).For longer durations of play, favor vacations, my computer system remains behind altogether–that’s the goal, at least.

One point each time, that is the way:Uni-tasking (as opposed to multitasking) is a lost art, but I’m discovering that I can achieve a lot even more if I emphasis on one thing at a time. That uses to both little, everyday tasks choose houseoccupational, and also bigger achievements favor personal jobs or job-related purposes. It can take me a while to inspect something off my “do” list, yet I’m eating the (proverbial! figurative!) elephant one bite at a time. And on the various other side of a few months, I can look back and view that I’ve actually completed many points.

All that you execute, execute via your might:I can’t execute points through all my can if I have actually as well many things to perform. I keep that “do” list and my commitments simple so that as soon as I say “yes” to something I deserve to really intend it, and perform it justice! This likewise feeds back right into the work/play balance. I want to job-related through all my can throughout occupational time, and also completely relax throughout play time.

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Things done by halves are not done right:And, I could include, if they’re done halfmethod they will more than likely should be done again. But done fully and done well, there’s no guilt as soon as it’s time for leicertain, and also no resentment once it’s time to work.