Full list of spanish words that begin via the letter W according to the Spanish dictionary. Search and filter them as you like. Find the translation in English behind the Spanish word.Also look for Spanish words starting through these letters:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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Spanish wordmeaning in EnglishfeatureswThe 24th letter of the Spanish alphabetletterWThe 2fourth letter of the Spanish alphabetletterwaflewafflemwaflerawaffle ironfwagnerianafeminine create of wagnerianofwagnerianoWagnerianadjwagnerianoWagnerianmwapitíwapiti; elkmwasabiwasabimWashingtonThe letter W in the Spanish phonetic alphabetpropWashingtonWashingtonpropwashingtonianafeminine develop of washingtonianofwashingtonianoWashingtonianadjwashingtonianoWashingtonianmwaterpolistawater polo playermfwaterpolowater polo (sport)mwattwattmwebweb (Internet)f weberwebermweónalternate form of huevónm weydude, male, buddymf weychump, punk, dumbass, idiot, jerkmf whiskeríawhiskies barfwhiskywhisky (alcoholic liquor)mWikcionarioWiktionarypropwikiwikimfwikificarto wikify (to adapt message to a wiki)vWikinoticiasWikinewsprop windsurfwindsurfmWisconsinWisconsinpropwólframdifferent develop of wolframiomwélterwelter (boxing class)m wnContraction of huevónadj wolframiotungsten; wolframmwáterwater clocollection, toilet, rest roomm WyomingWyomingprop

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Spanish verbs and conjugations:

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Spanish conjugation charts:

AbrirEstarGustarHablarHacerSentirSerTenerTocarTomarVenderVenirVerViajarVivirVolverAll Spanish verbs


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