You have actually a wish. But to expush that wish, need to you say “I wish I were” or “I wish I was”? Quick answer: “I wish I were” is grammatically correct, however let’s take a additionally look at the rules. We’re going to talk around subjunctive rules.

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“Were” and also “was” are both past-tense conjugations of the verb “to be.” Use “was” when you are utilizing the first-perchild singular pronoun "I" or the third-perkid singular pronouns "he" or "she."

“Were” is the proper variation once you are making use of second-perchild singular and plural pronouns "you," "your," "yours." You deserve to also use “were” via first- and third-perchild plural pronouns "we" and also "they."

Confsupplied around pronouns yet? Try saying them out loud. “He were going to school” isn’t appropriate, yet “he was going to school” rolls off the tongue.

Why Is It “I Wish I Were”?

Good question! After all the pronouns we simply talked around, why are we breaking the rules? We’re not breaking the rules, we’re just utilizing somepoint dubbed the “subjunctive mood.”

The subjunctive is provided as soon as referring to potential or hypothetical situations, prefer wishing for something that doesn’t exist yet. “I wish I were” is grammatically correct bereason you’re wishing for something that hasn’t occurred yet. Once it becomes actual, you have the right to switch ago to “was.”

“I wish I were surrounded by a pile of puppies best now.”

Flash forward to visiting an pet shelter: “I was the happiest perchild in the people as soon as I was playing via all the puppies.”

You can also identify the subjunctive by the context of the sentence. Think about the song “If I Were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the Roof. Starting the sentence with “if” suggests the potential nature of the case. It doesn’t actually exist yet, and the subjunctive need to be provided.

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