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Dear Queen Of Heaven,

How deserve to we start to define what is occurring. Each day, scripture after scripture, prophecy after prophecy is being fulfilled. God is uniting His Queen about His Word.

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The birds of paradise have actually begun to sing in our hearts. We understand that it isn’t long now. Somepoint is happening. The time has come. The Bride has actually made herself prepared by listening to God’s 7th angel messenger Thunder His Word.

Each week we are gathering together and under such excellent anticipation as we count dvery own, 5,4,3,2,1...PRESS PLAY. Instantly, the Bride is unified from around the world. Then His Messenger speaks to us below on earth. At the same time, God echoes the very same thing out of Heaven. It’s God’s Voice speaking to His predestinated Seed saying, “You are My Bride. I love you My Queen. The time has actually come. Rejoice, I have actually made every little thing ready for Our wedding Stop.”

Now is the hour of revelation. All points are being revealed just at His coming. It is the last winding up time. Our hearts leap via joy as each week He provides us even more wedding presents.

I experienced an excellent womale stand up, beautiful-looking, dressed in actual extremely royal-like purple.” And I acquired little parenthesis down here, “(She was a great ruler in the United States; possibly the Catholic church.)” A womale, some woman; I don’t understand it’ll be the Catholic church. I don’t recognize. I can’t say. Only thing I checked out, I watched the womale, that was all.

As the Bride was listening to the Seven Seals being unravelled, Kamala Harris was being sworn in, to be the initially womale vice-President of the USA. I am not saying that this is that prophecy Brvarious other Branham experienced being fulfilled, yet it definitely looks prefer it might be.

Kamala Harris made background now, coming to be the first female and also first Babsence and also South Asian vice president of the USA. At the 59th inaugural ceremony, she wore a purple dress and also matching coat by emerging designer Christopher John Rogers. She likewise accessorized her ensemble with a pearl necklace by Wilfredo Rosacarry out.

Vanity Fair

As we were listening to the Seven Church Ages, God’s 7th angel messenger prophesied and told us after Kennedy there would certainly be another Catholic President of the USA.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Biden end up being the second catholic to lead the United States, the initially because John F. Kennedy in 1961


Tright here is no higher time in the background of the people to be living in. This winter, these prophecies are being fulfilled prior to our incredibly eyes.

And it’ll lastly end up, (I predict it), a womale will certainly manage her. Remember, that was thirty years ago, I sassist it. And—and also the—the seven things that I predicted, five of them has done involved pass. And they gained the guy appropriate there now to bring her in. And you vote it in, with your politics tright here.

God’s Word is infallible. His Word cannot fail, It hregarding involved pass. He has actually a conventional. That conventional is His Word. God also has a method of revealing His Word: “I will certainly perform nothing, at all, until I first disclose It to My servant, My prophet.” Before He does anything, He reveals It to His prophet. And once He reveals It, somepoint is on the road.

The Seven Thunders will certainly offer the Bride rapturing in Faith.

Faith cometh by hearing.Hearing the Word of God.The Word of God comes to the prophet.

Tbelow is just ONE VOICE OF GOD.

“My lamb understand My Voice.” A Voice, of course, is His Word, once He is speaking. “My sheep know My Voice. My Voice has actually been prstove to them, to be true. It’s been vindicated that it is My Voice.” Now, now notification, they are not topic to complying with any kind of various other voice. They won’t. “My sheep know My Voice, and also a stranger they will certainly not follow.”

We recognize That Voice and we love it. We are not subject to adhering to any other voice, however His Taped Voice. It is our Bridegroom calling us His Queen.

Oh, Queen of God, what awaits you each day. Gift after gift, blessing after blessing, joy after joy, revelation after revelation.

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Let us count dvery own as soon as aobtain this Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, to hear God’s Voice Thunder to His Queen, as we hear: The Second Seal 63-0319.

Bro. Joseph Branham

Scriptures to review prior to hearing the Message:

St. Matthew 4:8 / 11:25-26 / 24:6 St. Mark 16:16 St. John 14:12 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Hebrews 4:12 Revelation 2:6 / 6:3-4 / 17th Chapter / 19:11-16 Joel 2:25 Amos 3:6-7