You"ve gained twins on the mind, but perform you have actually twins in the uterus? The adhering to questions will recognize your likeliness of twining based upon your genetics and your way of living.

Fascinated by the possibility of having actually twins? This quiz will certainly assess your personal likeliness of having multiples based upon your genes and way of life. Results include pictures.

Created by: Katrina

What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleWhen did you begin taking folic acid? Before contraception At contraception When I uncovered out I was pregnant I don"t take folic acidWhat is your BMI? 30 or higher. 25 to 29.9 18.5 to 24.9 Under 18.5How a lot dairy perform you eat? A LOT! More than the average perkid. An average amount. None at all.

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Do you eat a lot of yams? I eat yams every day. At leastern once a week. At least once a month. Never before.When did you go off the birth manage pill? One cycle before contraception. Two cycles before contraception. More than two cycles prior to contraception. I wasn"t on birth manage. Were you breastfeeding when you conceived? Yes NoAre you taking Clomid/any kind of fertility drug when you didn"t require them at the time of conception? Yes NoDid you conceive utilizing in vitro fertilization? Yes NoDoes your companion eat many oysters, leafy green veggies, cereals, bread, seeds and wheat germ? All of those foods. Most of those foodstuffs. Some of those foodstuffs. Namong those foodstuffs.Which of the complying with ethnic backgrounds is closest to what you are? Black/African Amerihave the right to White/Eurpoean Hispanic AsianHow tall are you? 6 feet and over 5"8 - 5"11 5"1 - 5"7 5 feet and underWhat kind of diet execute you eat? High fat, low carb Balanced diet via fat and also carbs High carb, low fatIs this your initially pregnancy? Yes No, my second. No, my third. No, I"ve had actually four or even more.Do twins run in your family? I am a twin On both sides of my family/on my mother"s side of the household only On my father"s side of the household just No twins.

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Quiz topic: What am Ir chances of having twins?

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