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The Pacific Coast Trail (PCT)

The main establishing of the book. Although the PCT spans from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, Cheryl"s pilgrimage extended the majority of of California and every one of Oregon.


Cheryl"s affectionate name for her backload.


Cheryl"s home state.

Portland also, Oregon

A city wright here Cheryl lived briefly, mentions regularly and also plans to live after hiking the PCT.

The Pacific Cremainder Trail, Volume 1: California

Cheryl"s "bible" throughout most of her journey. She mentions it and references it regularly throughout the book.

The Pacific Cremainder Trail, Volume 2: Oregon and also Washington

Cheryl"s "bible" for the Oregon component of her expedition.

The Dream of a Usual Language

A book of poetry by Adrienne Rich that serves as motivation and encouragement for Cheryl alengthy her journey.

The Babsence Feather

An object of great luck provided to her by fellow hiker, Doug. At the end of the book, Cheryl...

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