My iPhone 5s has actually this day turned off and also will not come earlier on aacquire, I have tried and also tried to rotate it on, charge it, affix to itunes via my mac however still nothing, what i have actually noticed is that tbelow is a small red light which comes on at the peak front next to the speaker which flashes as soon as i attempt to revolve it on.

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I am incredibly worried, my partner appears to think it has actually been in call via water however other than the excellent old english rain it hasnt had actually any contact via water.

Can anybody aid me please?


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iPhone 5s

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 9:20 AM

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Jun 13, 2014 1:07 PM in response to HaylesNield In response to HaylesNield

Hello HaylesNield,

Thanks for utilizing Support Communities.

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From your post I understand that your iPhone is not powering on. In order to fix this problem please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Will not turn on, will not revolve on unless connected to power, or unsupposed power off

Verify that the Sleep/Wake switch attributes. If it does not attribute, inspect it for indications of damages. If the switch is damaged or is not functioning as soon as pressed, seek organization. Connect the iPhone to the iPhone"s USB power adapter and let it charge for at least ten minutes. After at leastern 30 minutes, if: The low-battery photo shows up, also after the phone has charged for at leastern 20 minutes: See "iPhone display screens the low-battery picture and also is unresponsive" symptom in this write-up. Somepoint various other than the Home display screen or Low Battery image appears, proceed with this article for additionally troubleshooting actions. If the iPhone did not revolve on, reset it while associated to the iPhone USB power adapter. If the display transforms on, go to action 4. If the screen remains babsence, go to following step. If restoring the iPhone readdressed the concern, go to step 4. If restoring the iPhone did not fix the concern, seek service.