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What is your favorite season?

It’s that time of year when everybody is getting tired of this long, cold, snowy, icy winter. I know that I’m certainly tired of it. So as we wait anxiously for the weather to warm up, I am here to share my favorite things about spring and why I believe that spring is the best season. Are you ready?

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One other thought before we dig into things, let me just preface this blog post with the wonderful exclamation…I LOVE SPRING! With that said, Here are 10 of my favorite things about spring.


Why spring is the best season: Ice Out

I live in New Hampshire near Lake Winnipesaukee which is the largest lake in our state. It covers 69 square miles, so when it freezes over all those who ice fish rejoice. It’s a large lake so it’s not completely iced-in until mid-January. Ice-out typically occurs in mid-April. We know this because there is a designated agency that flies their plane to make sure when it’s iced-in and when the ice is broken up.

There’s typically a guessing contest. Because I am writing about it, I officially submitted my guess this year. If you’re wondering about my strategy, there’s no technical formula. I chose our son, Michael Jr’s date and time of his birth. Ice-Out is anxiously awaited by residents and visitors since it is the traditional start of the spring season according to

Why spring is the best season: The snow has melted

Which comes first? No more snow or no more ice? At our home, we are surrounded by trees and our yard will still have snow when the rest of the town has grass. So the snow is the last to go. I can’t wait. This is one of my favorite things about spring. When you have prosthetic legs, it’s very dangerous to walk outside. Think of it this way. Would you walk on ice while wearing stilts? Probably not! So I limit my outside time when there are snow and ice in the yard.

Why spring is the best season: Warmer weather

No more winter coats! Yippee! What I absolutely love about spring is being able to go outside with a sweatshirt or light shirt on. Warmer weather just makes me smile! You can feel a light breeze and the sun on your face. This is also why my favorite season, spring, means more time outside, more Vitamin D, more walks. I’m so excited!

Why spring is the best season: The daffodils and tulips are blooming

I literally do a happy dance when the snow has melted and I can see those little green buds signifying that my daffodils and tulips are ready to come out of the ground. Then when the flowers actually bloom, WooHoo! That’s when the party really starts. How can you look at those spring flowers in your yard and not get a huge smile on your face? How can I not include tulips and daffodils as another reason why my favorite season is spring?

As I mentioned, we have a lot of trees, so we only have a few sunny spots in our yard. However, our deck and the ground behind the garage get all the sun. We planted dozens and dozens of “I love spring” flowers behind the garage. It’s simply glorious when they all bloom. Thank you, Lord!


Why spring is the best season: The colors

I think the prettiest color green is the color of those new buds on the trees. Have you ever noticed that the new leaves early in the spring season are the brightest and happiest leaf colors compared to late summer? I love driving down the road and looking at the fresh, bright colors as they’re first growing in the spring.

Why spring is the best season: Planting new flowers

It is really hard for me to resist going to the nursery or garden centers and seeing all the flowers and not wanting to buy a bunch for my yard. Since we built our home in 2007, I’ve worked really hard to plant perennials all around the yard. (What I really mean is, my hubby did the digging, raking and planting).

The fun part about building your home is you get to start from scratch and lay out the gardens just like you want. However, perennials don’t come up until summer, so my family can always count on me gravitating towards the annuals and dropping some cash off at the garden center. Lots and lots of flowers are another great reason that I love spring.

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Why spring is the best season: Easter

This year, Easter falls on April 4th, 2021. I would be remiss if I talked all about the beauty that comes in my favorite season spring, and I did not talk about the creator of all that beauty. Easter is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus died for the sins of the world, on the cross of Calvary. He was buried in a tomb and rose again 3 days later to live forever at the right hand of God in Heaven. What a day to celebrate! However, as a Christian, we celebrate this event daily! I can’t help but start singing the start from one of my favorite hymns, “I serve a risen Savior He’s in the world today…”

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Why spring is the best season: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is next! This wonderful holiday is another one of my favorite things about spring. Celebrated on the second Sunday in May, this year it is on May 9th. On this day, mothers all over the world get pampered by their children and husbands. I personally loved the hand-made cards when the kids were little. Now they’re all grown up and have jobs, (hint hint to my kids. HaHa.) My family gets the double whammy in spring because two weeks later it’s my birthday. So, of course, you can see why this is my favorite season, spring.


Why spring is the best season: New adventures

As a quad amputee, I have to stay closed up in the house most of the winter because it’s obviously safer. However, one of my goals for this blog was to share new adventures with you in the hopes to encourage and inspire you all. One of my favorite things about spring happens when the snow and ice melt. I plan to swing open the doors, get out of the house and continue to try new things.

This is my year to try horseback riding. Last year I got to go up in a twin engine plane with my son Michael at the gears. He recently got his private pilot’s license. I was a bit nervous. But once we took off, I was happy and comfortable. He even let me take the yoke. It was awesome! As for new adventures, I’m open to your suggestions too. What would you like to see me take on?

Why spring is the best season: The days are longer

We have more time to spend outside, enjoying the warmth, the sun, the flowers, (the bugs). I didn’t include spring cleaning for obvious reasons. However, what a blessing to be able to open up the windows and air the house out. I can’t wait! Come on warmer weather because I LOVE SPRING!

Obviously, you now know what season I love best. And I’ve given you some of my favorite things about spring. So I’m curious about you. What is your favorite season and why?