This is a tutorial on exactly how to modify Green Display videos making use of Sony Vegas. In order to carry out this, we will certainly be utilizing an impact referred to as Chroma Keyer. Luckily enough, this is a default impact that comes packaged with the software.

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The green screen video.

In my instance, I have actually a video of former US president Barack Obama unveiling a portrait.


As you can see, the portrait in the screenswarm above has been extended over with a section of green display. This suggests that I have the right to conveniently rearea this component of the video with any type of image that I want to.

Step 1. Click on the effects symbol on the video track.

Firstly, you will should open up the effects food selection for the video track in question.


In older versions of Sony Vegas, this results symbol will certainly look various.

Instead of “fx”, the symbol will certainly look favor this:


Once you have opened the Video Event FX food selection, you will certainly should find the Chroma Keyer impact.


On VEGAS Pro 15, this result is referred to as the VEGAS Chroma Keyer.

In older versions of Vegas, the result is referred to as the Sony Chroma Keyer.

However before, both of these effects are pretty much the same. They just have different names.

Once you have uncovered the Chrome Keyer impact, pick it and also then click the “OK” button in the peak right-hand also corner.

Tip 2. Select Eco-friendly Screen in the precollection food selection.

After the Chrome Keyer impact menu shows up, you will need to open up the Precollection menu.


In the Precollection menu, you will certainly uncover an alternative called Environment-friendly Screen. Select this choice and Vegas will instantly use the appropriate settings.


In many instances, the Eco-friendly Screen precollection will occupational perfectly fine through the default settings.

However before, if you are unhappy via the result, then you deserve to adjust the threshost levels and also the blue amount utilizing the slider options.

Step 3. Look at your video.

Once you apply the impact, you will certainly alert that the green area of your video has actually been replaced by the shade babsence.


The green area of the portrait is now black.

As an outcome, you have the right to now drag your image or video and also area it under the green screen track.


If you look at the screenshot over, you have the right to check out that I have placed a photograph of a dog directly underneath the video track that is using the Chroma Keyer impact.

As a result, the photograph of the dog will now appear after Obama unveils the potrait.



And that’s pretty a lot it. As you can watch, the process is actually pretty straightforward.

Be sure to play roughly via some of the settings to attain your desired impact.

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