The Nintendo switch contains a fan so it can run all kinds of games smoothly. However, several gamers are asking why is my Nintendo switch fan so loud? There could possibly be a few reasons due to which the Nintendo fans get loud.

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Besides, the fans in the Nintendo are necessary for keeping it ready for any hardcore game. In addition, the dock of the Nintendo needs supplemental cooling.

In actual fact, the Nintendo should not get loud because it will overheat and stop working properly. Let us tell you if the sound of your Nintendo is coming from the speakers, then it means there is some issue. The issue could be due to the system, and you have to repair the Nintendo switch.

More than that, if the Nintendo is getting loud, but not from the speakers, then it’s because of the HD rumble systems. Check out the possible causes due to which the Nintendo switch fan can get loud and overheat.


Why Is My Nintendo Switch Fan So Loud? – Causes And Tips To Prevent ItHow To Replace The Nintendo Switch Fan At Home?

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Fan So Loud? – Causes And Tips To Prevent It

There are times when the Nintendo users play for several hours. Also, you need to keep in mind that the Nintendo needs a break, and you should not use it for more than three hours continuously.

Other than that, if the Nintendo switch fan loud on startup is getting loud, then it will overheat as well. Most of the Nintendo switch’s devices get damages after overheating.

Furthermore, to provide the loud noise and overheating, there are some precautions that we are going to tell you here.

1. Set Up The Nintendo Switch Dock In A Cool Place

Most of the time, when you are playing the Nintendo in a hot area, then it will get loud. Also, the device will start overheating, and it will risk the condition of Nintendo. Besides, you will have a pretty heated device if you do not turn it off after it gets hot.

Therefore, you have to keep the Nintendo in a cool place. Moreover, keep the Nintendo in the tabletop mode so it can have the right flow of air. Additionally, there should not be any kind of heating element near the Nintendo, so it doesn’t get hot or loud.

2. Select Any Other Dock

You can use any other dock with your Nintendo switch. For instance, you can keep the Nintendo cool by using another kind of dock that doesn’t harm the device. Moreover, you have to ensure that the Nintendo is not overheating due to the USB C type charging port.


Step 3.

This step is most important. You have to remove the sinking heat from the fans with the help of thermal paste. Furthermore, you can clean the angles around the fan of the Nintendo. Also, you have to clean the ribbon back on the Nintendo without disconnecting it.

Step 4.

Now you have to remove the two screws on the fan but keep the third one for keeping it in the right place. Furthermore, you have to twist the board and bend the ribbon.

Step 5.

After connecting the black ribbon from the board, you have to flap it backward. Now disconnect it from the fan.

Step 6.

Further, now you are all set for placing a new fan and tight three screws, and reconnect the ribbon on the board. However, before attaching the heating sink, you have to clean the leftover thermal.

Step 7.

Plus, you need to clean the thermal from the fans with the help of a cotton swab dipped in the alcohol.

Step 8.

In fact, you have to clean the thermal paste from the top side of the Nintendo and then apply one extra layer of the thermal paste on it. Plus, before attaching the metal plate, you need to clean the old paste on it.

Step 9.

Now place the heating sink back in the right position, and you have to screw the Nintendo back and tighten all the screws that you removed.

Step 10.

Lastly, you need to reconnect the micro SD card on the foam of nintendo’s motherboard. Plus, you have to feel the click sound to ensure that it is attached correctly on the board. Additionally, you need to screw up the Nintendo plate and casing together.

This was the whole setup of replacing the nintendo’s fan at home. Congrats! You are all set for making the Nintendo work smoothly again. After replacing the fan, you can check if the device is making noise or getting heat up or not.

To Sum Up 

We have shared the three tips and a simple method to repair the Nintendo fan so it doesn’t get loud. Moreover, you will not have the issue of overheating if the condition of the Nintendo fan is perfect.

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Unfortunately, if you are still having the Nintendo fan’s loud noise or overheating issue, then there is any other issue. The components of the Nintendo might be damaged, and you have to get them fixed by the service center. In fact, we recommend that you use third-party applications. The cost of repairing the whole system of the Nintendo switch is much higher, so it is better to take care of its’ parts.

Hopefully, you find our guide helpful to fix your Nintendo switch. Thank you for the read!