The other approach of troubleshoot HP Printer not printing shade concern is regarded Printhead. It is a primary variable in the printing procedure as it technically puts ink to paper to create a presentable message.

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Thereafter click the “Paper/quality “tab and also select “Color”. Click “OK” and also leave from the page.


In case where the cartridge is past the expiry day, install a brand-new one to progression via printing job to resolve HP envy printer not printing shade.


Still Not able to solve the problem, run our Diagnostic Tool for Printer Check Up

Printer Diagnostic Device

Frequently Asked Questions That Having The Same Answer For HP Printer Color Not Printing Issues

1. Why is My HP printer color not printing in the paper?

When your HP Printer shade is not printing in the paper, it doesn’t mean that your printer quit functioning. It might be that you don’t obtain a printed out, whether as babsence and also white or color.

The ideal point to uncover a solution to this worry is to use excellent high quality HP cartridges and also no duplicate ones. It fixes the concern to a higher extend. The print head requirements to be cleaned effectively.

If the cartridge is empty or damaged, better to replace them and also see if printing is coming appropriate. If you have an immediate printing requirement and also not a lot involved about the high quality of the print, then it is additionally feasible to think about printing in backup mode.

2. Why is my HP wiremuch less printer not printing color?

There can be a selection of factors for your HP wiremuch less printer, not printing shade. Check to watch if the printer driver is correct. If you are uncertain about how to check your printer driver, Google search your printer model number with the word ‘driver’. Anvarious other idea to find motorists is to examine the HP assistance web page.

The initially action is to examine whether the color settings in your printer is ON. Also, make certain the right driver is used for the shade printer. Before you print a report, inspect print dialog to watch if the settings are correct.

2nd Step to settle the worry is to attempt another program favor Paint to print in color. In case, the printer still doesn’t offer any kind of color print, then your printer is in an error or perhaps the color ink is empty to provide the correct printing. 

3. How to print color from your HP OfficeJet printer if not printing in color?

Tip 1: If you are using Windows, then the initially action is to make the print driver remounted. 

Tip 2: Another solution is to avoid any type of duplicate or low-top quality cartridges. Instead, usage just genuine ones.

Tip 3: The next action is to view if the ink is smearing behind the printouts.

Step 4: Using the appropriate size paper and also inserting it properly would periodically solve the worry.

Step 5: You deserve to also check out if the print settings are addressed correctly and also no errors. 

Tip 6: You may not get color printing additionally when the ink levels are low. So, examine ink levels and replace them if needed.

Tip 7: If uncovered empty or low ink cartridges, rearea them and take a brand-new print out to view if coming correctly.

Tip 8: To examine the output, you can try to print the Print Quality Diagnostic report from the printer’s manage panel.

Tip 9: When the regulate panel of your printer is cleaned, it can rectify the issue and also offers a better print quality.

Step10: While taking the Print Quality Diagnostic report, check whether the green color blocks and alignment lines have come perfectly or not. If tbelow are dark or white lines making gaps in in between, then the concern is still to be readdressed.

Tip 11: To acquire the perfect ink top quality, you need to align the ink cartridges by adjusting the printer manage panel.

Tip 12: Manual cleaning close to the ink nozzles is a good principle to solve the concern. 

Step 13: If you find any kind of ink cartridge damaged via the Print Quality Diagnostic report, and also then it is wise to readjust the defective ink cartridge if the over procedures didn’t job-related out to rectify the difficulty. 

In instance, still, your HP OfficeJet printer is not printing in shade, give the printer for servicing.


If your OfficeJet 6700 HP printer is not printing true shade, initially you have the right to follow some easy procedures for making it appropriate, initially, you have the right to uninstall and then reinstall the driver.

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If the problems still persist, it would certainly be ideal to check your cartridge top quality or toner problem. When there are no ink smears on the print out the backside, the worry is solved or else, you must check what else the specific problems is.

If you don’t have actually the technical understanding and still the difficulty of not printing true color exists, then it is advisable to business your printer. 

If you are perplexed around why your HP 6830 OfficeJet 4650 series wireless printer not printing color, then don’t worry, you deserve to solve the issue by altering the driver. Below are the steps to use an alternative driver:

Go to home windows and choose control panel alternative an open it, click on Devices and also PrintersRight-click on HP OfficeJet 4650 in tools and also printers folder and left click Printer properties.Select the advance tabA new Driver home window opens up, click Next off. You deserve to watch the forms of printers noted on the right side and manufacturer on left.Choose your printer manufacturer by clicking the left choices.Click on ‘Windows Update’, if your printer model is not displayed and once the update is completed, select the HP design of your printer.Once the HP design is schosen, hit the following button to complete the setup of New Driver Wizard. Click on ‘Apply’ under your printer properties and carry out not click OKGo to General tab and rename your printer aacquire as ‘HP OfficeJet 4650’Click OK