Leaking at night on your duration is a pain. There’s nopoint worse than feeling that trickle of blood or waking up in a puddle of blood… As human being via durations, these are things we’re all too familiar with – it happens. Your time of the month have the right to be challenging enough through cramps, bloating and also fatigue. We’ve compiled optimal tips for you to sleep soundly without worrying about leaking, and also just how to regulate any kind of period leaks that might happen.

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What reasons heavy menstrual bleeding at night?

Having a heavier circulation on your duration for the initially couple of days is totally normal, however if you discover that it lasts throughout your duration and/or is uncontrollable, there could be other causes. Read even more about heavy periods below.

If you’re noticing other transforms choose shade, consistency, texture or smell, take a look at what your period blood might be informing you around your health and wellness.

No issue exactly how many durations you’ve had in your life, leaking can take place and is totally normal. Tbelow can be a couple of culprits resulting in this:

Sleeping in the wrong positionsYour duration product is at maximum absorptionWrong absorbency duration productsYour pad, tampon, or cup is not positioned correctly

How to stop period leaking at night

Choose the appropriate pair of pants

Your time of the month is the ideal time to channel your inner Bridobtain Jones. Firstly, you’ll desire to wear your comfiest underwear – think Granny style – big sufficient to cover any type of area that might see leaking – included bonus if they’re frilly!

Secondly, make sure they fit you effectively. If they’re as well big, you permit for too a lot activity in your underwear and also leaks are likely!

Thirdly, and also trust us on this, wear another pair over the first. Not just will the outer pair host the initially pair in place, however this will carry out an extra layer that’ll absorb any kind of blood before it gets to your sheets.

And ultimately, your pyjama bottoms make all the distinction. We recommfinish wearing PJ bottoms on the snug side for minimal underwear activity and maximum defense.

Choose the best period products

There are plenty of nighttime period products to choose from. soimg.org Maxi pads are soft and also absorbent, and unchoose tampons, will certainly store you comfortable through the whole night. To put your mind at ease, or if your duration is especially heavy this month, attempt covering the whole location of your pants by using 2 pads rather.


Still leaking? We hear you, it happens to the finest of us. If you’re down with the idea, reusables can settle all your troubles. You won’t also realise you’re menstruating through a cup, and also reusable underwear like WUKAs or fabric pads favor Period aisle have the right to absorb all without bleeding with.


We come bearing poor news. There’s no place that’ll guarantee you won’t leak during your duration. However before, sleeping on your side like you’re earlier in the womb helps take pressure off your abdominal muscles and helps to relieve cramps, too. Sleeping on your front have the right to squeeze and also cause blood to relocate about. Just bear this in mind following time you take a snooze!

Preparation and also planning

Tracking your duration have the right to completely revolutionize your cycle! Knowing as soon as your next duration is due will aid you prepare what pants to wear, what products you’ll usage, and also to put in area any added precautions for tranquility of mind, like mattress protectors or dark towels on your sheets. Check out our favourite duration tracker apps right here.

How to manage duration leaks

No matter how hard you try, sometimes leaking is going to take place. If after all this time your period still seeps through, it’s constantly good to recognize exactly how to rerelocate blood stains! Here are a couple of techniques we’ve tried and tested to normally get stains out:

White vinegar: if you’ve gained some hiding in the kitchen cupboards, use white vinegar on the patch before it dries up. Leave it to soak for 5 – 10 mins while blotting till it’s lifted and wash in cold waterSalt and also water: Using more kitchen staples, developing a paste with salt and water can be effective when used onto the bloodBaking soda and also water: If the stain has dried up, baking soda and water can be offered to rerelocate blood stains as well. Apply the paste for at least fifty percent an hour until it has disappeared

If you’ve tried all possible services and the stain is still being stubborn, not all hope is lost! Why not conserve stained underwear for as soon as you’re next on your period? Leaking could occur aacquire and is underwear damaged if it currently has been before?

Why period leaks are even more prevalent at night

There’s certainly an art to preventing period leaks at night, and also here’s why:

When you’re asleep, naturally, you’re not checking and also altering your duration products as regularly. Normally throughout the day, you’d be able to put a sheight to any kind of leaks (hopefully) prior to they happen, but this is difficult when you’re catching some ZZZs.

It’s much easier to prevent leaks in the day time bereason gravity does its task and also catches period blood on your pad, tampon or whatever before products you’re using. But when you’re asleep, blood deserve to loss to the side or at leastern not where you want it to autumn, bring about leaks.

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This, unified with shuffling roughly from one position to one more once you’re sleeping, implies your pants are most likely to move or bunch, which is a recipe for disaster if you’re trying to proccasion period leaks.