If your iPod Touch is not running quickly, you can take several actions to enhance its performance. First, you have the right to examine that you are running the latest iTunes software program and operating mechanism (OS). If you carry out not have the latest updates, your iPod will certainly not operate at its height. 2nd, you can rerelocate some of your data to complimentary up memory. If you have actually too much music, video and also app data on your iPod, it will certainly run progressively, simply favor a computer through as well many type of programs open at as soon as.

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Open iTunes. Click "iTunes" in the upper-left edge, then choose "Check for Updays." This ensures that you have the latest iTunes software.

Connect your iPod to your computer system through the USB docking cable. Select your iPod"s name under "Devices" in the left panel of the iTunes home window. Click "Check for Updates" in the primary area of the iTunes home window. If you require an update, download and install it. This may take several minutes.

Look at the capacity bar at the bottom of the iTunes window to watch exactly how much free memory your iPod has. If it is nearly full, remove some of your music, videos, publications or photos. Videos take up the many memory, so if you have actually movies or TV shows, remove some of them to speed up the tool. To rerelocate information, click the matching tab at the peak of the main area of iTunes, and also dechoose the information that you want to remove. Click "Apply."

Press and organize the "Sleep/Wake" and "Home" buttons all at once for eight seconds, or until the Apple logo design appears. This resets the iPod, which deserve to solve minor glitches.

Connect your iPod to your computer system to percreate a restoration if it is still running gradually. Open iTunes, click your iPod"s name and also click "Restore" in the facility panel. Select the choice to earlier up the iPod, then follow the prompts to finish the restoration. When the restoration is complete, click the choice to set up your iPod from a current backup.

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