Crunchy hair is the winter hair problem we all dread. Lets’ join together and stop this beauty villain.

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Everything in winter gets dried out, and sadly, that means a lot of us end up with crunchy hair. Our lips hurt, clothes feel extra itchy, and suddenly we have crunchy, dry, split hair. It’s like all the hard work we do to maintain healthy looking and feeling hair flies right out the window come December.

Fear not — we are solving this issue for women around the world. Crunchy hair no more!


Always Use Protection

Heat styling is hot. Just to put it into perspective, most flat irons top out at 450 degrees, most ovens top out at 500 degrees. To keep from cooking your hair, you need to use some sort of heat protection spray before applying heat to your precious hair. Whatever heat protectant you use, make sure it can handle up to 450 degrees.

Go For Low Heat (Or No Heat)

Or, leave the whole heat styling debacle alone by just not using heat. During winter you’ll probably want to at least dry your hair so you don’t catch a cold with wet hair. If you’re blow drying your hair it’s still not a bad idea to use a heat protection spray. Or, you can always dry your hair at a lower temp, it may just take an extra minute or two.

Avoid Chemical Hair Treatments

You don’t need to totally refrain from all hair treatments but it’s probably not the best idea to go for a new dye job, highlights, and a perm in the same month. That’s just asking for crispy, crunchy hair.

Do A Hair Mask At Least Once A Week

If you are a regular in the salon chair for a new color, you should do hair masks. During winter with the especially dry weather you can do a hair mask once or twice a week! Most in shower masks go on just like conditioner and are ready to be washed out in a few minutes.

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Serums Are Your Friend

Serums are super great in winter. They can coat your hair in an extra layer of protection while sealing in moisture and preventing frizz. For damaged and crunchy hair, try the Suave Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment. It gives you the best of both worlds for added oil hydration and a serum in one.

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