Note: not a SQL/BI connected short article like usual, however considering that it’s a prevalent concern I want to share my solution here

Quite recently I had a bizarre worry on my laptop: all of a sudden I could only browse Google websites (Google search, YouTube, Gmail …). All the various other websites would time out or give error messeras. On my mobile phone but, I could browse typically making use of our house WiFi network. I plugged my lapoptimal in a wired UTP connection, yet the outcome was the same: just Google websites. The web browser didn’t matter: I had actually the very same worry in Chrome as in Web Explorer. Rebooting didn’t fix the issue. Since I just had actually the problem on my lappeak, I (incorrectly) assumed it was a difficulty on my machine just.

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Time to Google for a solution. It automatically became clear that many people had encountered a similar problem and that there are the majority of various feasible fixes:

incorrect hold file. That was not the instance.incorrect proxy settings. I don’t usage a proxy.incorrect DNS settings. I tried automatic configuration and also the Google DNS. Both didn’t resolve the concern. Also fluburned the DNS. Didn’t work.someone suggested doing a recoincredibly using a Windows reclaim suggest. Didn’t help. Also screwed my SQL Server installation and corrupted my master database. Hoozah. The day couldn’t get any type of much better.reestablishing the modem/router didn’t help

After some time I uncovered out why just some websites work: they assistance IPv6 addresses, while a lot of websites just assistance IPv4 addresses. I tried to rebrand-new my IP, yet to no avail. I re-set up the TCP/IP stack. No dice. When I landed on occupational the next day, I linked my laptop to the wiremuch less netoccupational and lo and behold, I can browse all websites just fine. Hmmm, not a machine issue after all (and not a virus), yet apparently a netoccupational concern at residence. A little later on my wife dubbed to say she couldn’t browse the internet as well (some sites did work) and also that the TV/decoder was acting weird. This confirmed it was not an equipment worry, but a general netjob-related problem (and also not a plot by Google to attain world domination). But what was the cause?

So for some factor I still had actually a valid IPv6 attend to, yet not an IPv4. I checked the Event Viewer and also bingo! Several DHCP-connected errors were logged. Now I had an idea in which direction I had actually to search. I experienced people had actually worries bereason their router blocked port 80, but that was not the case right here. Finally I found a forum short article where someone had actually the very same issue bereason they had newly installed a defense video camera, which was linked to the network-related. The camera had actually a small rexternal inside and it was throwing off the DHCP of the normal router. Did I have something similar at home? And then it hit me: the wireless access allude at the attic! Apparently I foracquired to revolve off DHCP as soon as I installed the access allude. For some factor, after numerous weeks of functioning simply normal, the accessibility points acquired delusions of grandeur and sassist to the network: “You know, this DHCP thingy? I’ll take treatment of that”. Badly, it appeared.

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So we unplugged the access suggest and also everything started functioning again. Big sigh of relief.

Conclusion: if you have actually the weird concern wbelow suddenly you have the right to only browse Google websites (aka websites through IPv6), inspect if there’s a component in your netjob-related that have the right to likewise carry out DHCP solutions (aside from your main router) and also rotate it off.