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CategoriesNooks and also cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and screenBirds and also the bees SEMANTIC ENIGMASWhy is oselection "orange" and not "carrot"?M Ainsworth, Leeds, UK Due to the fact that carrots used to be purple - the oselection colouring is simply a Dutch thing. Jane Smith, London UK Due to the fact that Oranges have actually always been Oarray. The ancestral carrot was white fairly favor a parsnip. The oarray coloured carrot came from selective breeding. Glyn Baker, S. Ockendon U.K Due to the fact that yellow was the original colour of carrots. The Danish word for carrots is "gulerødder" which could be analyzed as yellow roots or yellow tubers. Sheila Kirby, Esbjerg Dennote The existing Co-op advert (why is a grape not a green, why is a cherry not a red, and so on.) has actually led me to ponder this question..Carrots can be orange or purple, grapes and also cherries come in a selection of colours. an oselection is... well orange! i can not think of any type of selection of orange wbelow the peel is not oselection.As carrots were traditionally purple until the Dutch presented the orange variety 17th century as a authorize of patriotism, I guess tright here were no other kinds of fruit/veg of an ovariety colour at the time... Just a thought! Nicc, NW6 UK Since the colour was named after the fruit; and the fruit remained in Europe prior to the vegetable. Peter Brooke, By Kinmuck Scotland I have the right to only assume that it"s bereason the carrot is (reputedly in any type of case) not naturally ovariety. Apparently carrots are naturally a purplish colour and also were genetically modified to be ovariety in homage to the Housage of Orange. I have yet to uncover an explanation regarding why the gardener responsible assumed that the Dutch imperial family members would certainly be flattered by their newly establimelted relationship with a root vegetable. Nick Taplin, London UK Some old ranges of carrot are off-white. M. Felton, Berkshire, England also Since carrots weren"t oarray till after the colour was named. They used to be red, purple or yellow; orange coloured carrots were bred in Holland in the 17th century. Paul Burke, Wirksworth UK Because European language and food cultivation both started in the productive cresent. Citrus trees were tamed and the term oselection would certainly have been useful to define the fruit and colour. When food cultivation and also language eventually reached the chillier north european lands, wbelow root vegetables were domesticated the colours were currently defined. James Massey, Dubai UAE Since Ice Cream has actually no bones. Stu, victoria Canada Mr Taplin, the orange-coloured carrot presented in homage to a prince was not so presented in isolation, yet as component of a fashionable, nationalistic craze.Tulips, lilies, carrots and even oranges were all at this time being cultured to be what we now call ovariety, rather of their very own natural colours. This is why the citrus fruit called an oselection, the colour oarray itself, and even the Housage of Oarray, are currently so indelibly connected through each other: the colour was that of the nationwide flag of the Netherlands, prior to either it or the fruit, were so referred to as. The association of the royal residence through the national colour brought about its name being used to both colour and also fruit. John Bennett, Glasgow Scotland also Add your answer

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