Abraham Lincoln when sassist “Character is prefer a tree and also reputation is like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it, the tree is the real thing.” Imhotep has a character of its own. In reality it’s like a tree; it has roots of solid administrators that make sure we stay grounded. It has actually a solid trunk of teachers who wish to assistance us in all that we execute. We have actually wonderful subjects witch will certainly be considered the branches that makes us interested and fill our brains through understanding.

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As for us, the students are recognized as the leaves. As freshmen’s we began to bud, as sophomores we start to gain complete form and also color, as juniors we begin our full shape and also size and by our senior year we are all tired and also wish to leave the tree and also adendeavor the world. The shadow that our tree creates is a very respectable one. I am Raneka Stallworth and also I desire to be your Class President.


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A leader is a trouble solver, not a finger pointer. A leader is a uniter, not a divider.

A leader is a consensus builder, not a blamer. A leader inspires others to do their best, not contact them the foe. A leader have to not tell world what they’re doing wrong, yet have to tell them just how they could they perform it better. A leader brings services to the table and provides everything better. All these characteristics autumn under leadership which is “a process of social influence in which one perchild have the right to enlist the help and also assistance of others in the success of a common job.

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” I Natia Coleman have leadership in all that I carry out and also would certainly choose to demonstrate to you all what management need to look like during and becoming your course president. Imhotep is a good college and I would certainly choose to keep it that way.

We seniors must get on the round in order to achieve our dreams and satisfy our destiny. We were put on this earth for a factor and the factor is to strive to be the ideal we can be. Time is ticking and also before we understand it we are going to be in the huge civilization and have responsibilities that we should manage. While in high school you have everything basic and teachers that treatment about you. In college you are going to have actually professors that care about you however not like your high institution teachers did. I am here to prepare you for your next action after graduating high college. I truly believe I can make a adjust in our resides that we will certainly all appreciate. Thank you!

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