Why would a third-degree burn be less painful than a first- or second-degree burn including the same body area?
CLayer C is composed primarily of dense, interwoven fibers of collagen designed to withstand tearing from any direction.

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areolar connective tissueThe loose connective tworry within the papillary layer of the dermis is affluent in blood vessels and cells that function in the body"s defenses.
to supply cells to replace those shed from the epidermis The hypodermis does not perform this feature. Cells to replace those lost in the epidermis are gave by the basal cells of the epidermis itself.

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to lubricate hair and also proccasion infectionStructure A produces sebum, an oily secretion that coats the hairs and avoids transmittable agents from penetrating the hair shaft.
During cold weather, blood vessels located in the dermis undergo vasoconstriction restricting blood flow into the skin. This produces additional body warmth by routing blood to what effector organ?
A Caucasian patient through pale skin is treated for low blood press via medication that elevates the blood pressure; but, the skin"s pallor does not adjust. Which of the adhering to is the most likely cause of the pallor in this patient?
If a huge variety of whiteheads show up on the skin of the forehead, which of the following would result?
fine hairs on the forehead would become brittlethe forehead"s skin would come to be drybacteria on the forehead"s skin would certainly flourish and multiply freely(every one of the above)



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