I've check out all the publications, and also I've started on TWOIAF as well and also I still can't watch why he hates Jon so much. I understand he was a Royalist during Robert's Rebellion and was pardoned, but I don't view why he holds a grudge against this one certain individual.

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Thorne was the resident curly-haired dude on the Wall. Then Jon came roughly via even prettier curly hair and Thorne got jealous.

Ser Aliser wasn't precisely pardoned after Robert's Rebellion. He survived Tywin Lannister's troops sacking King's Landing, and was offered the option by the old hypocrite of going to the Wall or the headsman's block. Even before Ned was accprovided of betraying Robert after becoming Hand also, Thorne was accmaking use of Jon of being a "traitor's bastard", so it's likely he's just holding a grudge as a royalist knight that has actually been exceptionally unjustly puniburned, especially when you think about that Ser Barristan Selmy was treated by Robert's individual maester and pardoned after the Battle of the Trident.

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-- Spoilers for every little thing --

Thorne was a loyalist soldier in the time of Robert's Rebellion, he was at King's Landing doing his task, once Tywin Lannister provided him the wonderful option in between summary execution, or exile to the Wall surface. So Thorne took the babsence, and also honestly just keeps doing his job, yet it's a harsh life, he's among the exceptionally few knights there so he hregarding train cluemuch less children, thieves, rapers, etc., how to fight, has to live in the cold North (not his native environment), and also address wildlings and also such, so it's not surpclimbing that he's an extremely bitter and also jaded guy. His instance is somewhat ironic bereason Robert likely would have totally pardoned him (Robert walso recognized for being merciful, and also turning enemies into allies), but he had actually the negative luck of Tywin Lannister's even more rigid feeling of justice

Add to the over that Ned Stark was a high ranking commander in Robert's army, so Thorne probably has actually some lingering animosity towards the Starks in general

The Night's Watch, or at leastern Castle Babsence itself, obviously plays favorites through Northguys. Benjen Stark gets to be initially ranger, while others such as the "legendary" Qhorin 'halfhand' are just shuffled away to a secondary place in a various base. Jeor Mormont (an additional Northman) gets to be Lord Commander, etc. I don't think Thorne wanted these positions for himself, or that they were incorrectly assigned, but it would certainly absolutely feel out of location, as a Southron Knight, to be surrounded by Northmen in the power structure. I don't remember if we're told wright here the other officers are from, but I'm confident that Thorne was the just officer at Castle Black that was a Knight in the South. Then along comes Jon Scurrently, the Lord of Winterfell's acknowledged bastard boy, and also nephew to the initially ranger, who is automatically quick tracked to command

Read AGOT aobtain, Jon is an irritating bit boy who annoys the majority of civilization in the time of his at an early stage days at Castle Black. Thorne is not the only one to obtain sick of this boy really fast. Jon also goes out of his means to subvert Thorne by harassing Rast and basically forcing everyone (under risk of death) to go simple on Samwell Tarly during training

Jon attempts to attack Thorne, when Thorne mocks him after Ned Stark is eliminated, and also Mormont reacts by rewarding Jon, and also sfinishing Thorne down to King's Landing to ask for help at the Wall

When Jon gets back to Castle Black in ASOS, he openly admits to killing his CO and taking a wildling "wife", while traveling with the enemy