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Vizio TVs might be among the even more affordable TVs on the industry, however this still doesn’t make them easily replaceable if somepoint goes wrong. One concern civilization have uncovered is that the display will certainly go black, whether totally or just partly. If this is your endure, this overview aims to administer options that carry out not involve costly repairs or replacements for your TV.

A Vizio TV display may go babsence due to features such as ‘Screen Mute’ or ‘Sleep Timer’. It might additionally be an outcome of a loose/faulty connection, power concerns, software error/bug or damaged hardware. Many problems have the right to be addressed by updating or reestablishing the TV, securing all cable or altering the TV settings.


I will certainly describe these worries in more information throughout this article. You can also discover exactly how to recollection your TV once the display is not functioning.

What Causes a Vizio TV Display to go Black


Tright here are numerous feasible causes for a black display screen on a Vizio TV. Below is a compilation of all the feasible reasons you will certainly find throughout this post. You have the right to uncover the options to each of these below.

If your display is black intermittently, it may be bereason of the complying with.

· Muted screen

· Sleep timer

· Faulty or incompatible cable

· Faulty port

If the display screen is always babsence, whether totally or simply partly, it might be among the complying with reasons rather.

· Firmware bug

· Processing error

· Power issues

· Broken circuit board

· Broken LCD screen

If you can still access the food selection over the babsence display, this is a different reason. For instance, you may be on the wrong input channel or have a faulty cable for your tool.

Vizio TV Display Going Black


If your TV keeps going babsence, you may have actually the ‘Sleep Timer’ activated. This commonly puts the TV right into standby mode after a set amount of time. If you would certainly like to disable this function, you deserve to find it in the settings listed below.

Menu > Timers > Sleep Timer

If the sleep timer is caused, it will certainly rotate the display screen off after 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes, depending upon which of these has been selected. This is simply among many reasons of a babsence display, yet among the easiest points to deal with.

If this babsence display screen only occurs once you play audio, watch the information listed below.

Vizio TV Black Screen through Audio


Vizio TVs have actually an in-constructed feature wbelow the display can be ‘Muted’ when audio is playing. For instance, if you have an app such as Spotify on your TV, this permits the music to be played in the background without the distractivity of the display. This attribute is permitted and also disabled by holding down the ‘Mute’ button for about five secs.

Vizio TV Stuck on Black Screen


If your display seems to be permanently black, there may be a much more serious trouble with your TV. First, you need to examine that the TV has actually power. You have to watch the little LED at the front on the TV light up as soon as the TV is receiving power.

If the LED does not light up, try plugging your TV into a various wall socket and inspect that your power outallows are working. Tbelow may have been an electrical overfill or power outage in your area.

Another opportunity is that the hardware is broken. This can include the backlight, the display itself, or the circuit board.

If it is the backlight that has damaged, you need to still watch a picture when you shine a flashlight over the display. Make certain that there is some create of photo displaying in the background as soon as you perform this (not simply a empty input screen). For example, you deserve to lug up the TV food selection and try to watch this via the flashlight.

If your TV has actually a damaged display or circuit board, you will not have the ability to check out any image and also your TV will certainly must be repaired or reput. Some people have tried purchasing offered circuit boards and also replacing it themselves, however this will certainly void your warranty. If your TV is still within the warranty period, tright here must be no hassle having the entire TV reput.

Vizio TV Keeps Going Black for a Few Seconds


An intermittent black display screen usually regarded a link concern via your gadget. If this is the instance, you must notification that it just occurs on one input channel.

This can be the outcome of a faulty or incompatible cable, or a faulty port. You should attempt plugging your cable into a different port or making use of a brand-new, higher-high quality cable.

It additionally could be resulted in by an error or bug in the TV’s firmware. If it is an error, this have the right to be solved by resetting the TV, which you can discover at the end of this short article.

If it is a firmware bug, Vizio each new firmware upday will certainly settle the bugs of the previous upday. Because of this, if your firmware is out of date, you have the right to update via the adhering to settings.

Menu > System > Check for Updates

If your TV is currently as much as date, you may should reset to factory settings to gain back an older variation of the firmware that does not have the bug. You deserve to uncover out exactly how to perform this below.

Babsence Line on Vizio TV Screen


If you are suffering a consistent babsence line on your TV, it is likely a faulty LCD screen. Unfortunately, this means the entire screen demands to be reput, which have the right to be just as costly as a replacement TV. If your TV is within warranty, this will be a totally free replacement.

However, it might additionally be an problem with the TV’s processor. If this is the case, performing a tough recollection, detailed listed below, will clear the TV of the error and fix the worry. Anvarious other possibility is that it is the result of a faulty link via among your tools. If this is the case, you need to only see the line on one input channel.

How Do You Fix a Half Black Display on a Vizio TV


If your TV display screen is half babsence, this is the very same issue as above. The pixels on the screen are oriented in vertical lines across the display.

Therefore, if it is just one collection of pixels, you will watch a single line on the display screen. If it is a large team of pixels, you will certainly see a thick band also or fifty percent the display will certainly be babsence.

Vizio TV Black Display after Update


A babsence display screen that occurs after a firmware update is most likely a pest. Unfortunately, you need to wait for one more upday to be released to resolve the bug. However, you have the right to perform a factory recollection to reclaim an previously version of the firmware till a more recent variation is released by Vizio.

How to Reset Vizio TV via Babsence Screen


Resetting your TV is difficult if you perform not have actually a screen to navigate through the settings. However, you can still perform both a hard reset and also manufacturing facility recollection without the screen.

Hard Reset

This will not clear your saved preferences or downloaded content, yet will certainly erase any temporary errors that have occurred within the TV.

Step 1: Turn off the TV and unplug all devices.

Tip 2: Unplug the TV from the power outlet.

Tip 3: Hold the power button on the TV for 30 secs.

Step 4: Allow another 10 minutes before plugging the TV ago in.

Step 5: Reattach all tools and also turn the TV ago on.

Factory Reset

This will certainly erase all choices and also downloaded content, so be ready to erected your TV from scratch when you have defaulted to factory settings. This is exceptionally reliable if tright here is a firmware bug or an extra major error in the software.

Tip 1: Press and also hold the ‘Volume Down’ and also ‘Input’ butlots on the back of the TV.

Tip 2: Release both buttons after 10 seconds.

Step 3: Press and also hold the ‘Input’ button on the earlier of the TV for an additional 10 secs.

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Tip 4: Wait for the TV to restart.

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