My phone turns off by itself any kind of time of the day. Sometimes it starts making use of the power switch. Otherwise, I need to plug right into the charger to begin. Also, note that phones battery is fine bereason that is already charged when I plug in. I think it has some hardware worry. Any assist will be very appreciated. Thanks.

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I have the same problm with my sony xperia xa1 currently recollection it...yet save on doing the same point...

My phone is turning on and off as soon as it"s charging or as soon as it comes appropriate off the charger does it have to execute via the charger

I have actually the very same issue. I think Sony when it come to the mobile technology, they are very behind. It is just name that they have, as they spend the majority of money on advertisement. Otherwise, as soon as it is known worry, they must have stepped up on the plate and also come up through services. Never will I recommend anybody to purchase Sony products.

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my phone was totally charged,all of the sudden it shut down and also refoffered to turn on. I have push the power switch and also host the volume vital down for several secounds,yet still refsupplied to revolve on.

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