Today I am sharing a conversation I had actually with Rae Dunn to learn just how to take treatment of Rae Dunn ceramic.

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We all love to collect Rae Dunn pottery. Did you know the greatest question I acquire is “How carry out I take treatment of Rae Dunn pottery?”. I spoke through Rae and also she told me specifically what we need to execute.

Have you watched the short article I wrote titled Six Tips for Finding Rae Dunn Pottery? I shared exactly how I started my Rae Dunn Collection and my finest advice regarding wright here you have the right to find Rae Dunn ceramic.

I additionally composed a article titled How to set a Table with Rae Dunn pottery. I love collecting however I generally just collect points that I have the right to use.

Not just execute I collect Rae Dunn but I usage it eextremely day. I get most comments on my short articles and so many of you have asked “How do I take care of Rae Dunn pottery?’.

I reached out to Rae Dunn herself and asked her for some insight. She was sort enough to share via me her advice on how to take treatment of your Rae Dunn ceramic. (We had actually a phone conversation, so this Q&A looks a tiny various.)


Is Rae Dunn dishwasher safe?

Rae Dunn told me that her ceramic is dishwasher safe. You simply need to be mindful around how you area them in the dishwasher. She shelp, “the dishwasher can cause a lot of clanking and also cracks might be brought about if the dishes come in call via one another”.

Rae motivated you to hand also wash your items simply to be safe. She told me that she constantly washes her favorite apparel items by hand also and also argued we can desire to execute the very same via our Rae Dunn collections.

I clean every one of my Rae Dunn in the dishwasher. I used Rae’s advice and also spaced my mugs and also bowls so that they don’t touch each various other and also possibly break. So far this has actually functioned perfectly.


Can you put Rae Dunn in the microwave?

Rae told me you have the right to absolutely put Rae Dunn in the microwave. In fact, she shelp “Microwave away”!

Can you put the BAKE and also CAKE pans in the oven?

Rae answered “Yes. That’s what they are for!”

Can the planters withstand continuous watering?


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Can you leave the birdresidences outside?


What execute you do if you notification a crack?

Rae mentioned that a crack can happen in shipping, in a shopping bag, or also in the dishwasher. If you notification a crack then you must display screen the item and also refrain from using it. She said putting plates on a plate hanger or placing mugs on a shelf.


T H E B I G G E S T Q U E S T I O N O F A L L – Are we better off displaying our Rae Dunn to store it safe or making use of it to gain it?

Use it! Just hand also wash it to prevent cracking!

Thank you so much, Rae! You answered so many type of of our a lot of pondered questions. It looks prefer Rae Dunn clay just gained better… not only is it fashionable, yet it’s additionally functional!