Whenever I give my dog a scratch or belly rubs, his typical response will be to offer my arm a lick. But why do dogs execute this, and also is tbelow a problem when a dog licks your arm so much?

I decided to find out as it’s intrigued me for a while. Here’s the brief reason why your dog licked your arm, followed by in-depth evaluation.

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Why does my dog lick my arm? Your dog will certainly lick your arm for factors consisting of showing affection, to groom you, or even as submissive habits. Licking is perfectly normal, however constant licking or your arm all the moment can point to a health and wellness concern.

Comments by pet behaviorists I’ve check out also say that dogs lick their owners’ arms as a bid for added attention… or could also be an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). If you want to find out why your dog licks your arm all the time, read on.

Why did my dog lick my arm once I pet her?

Licking is normal actions for dogs. It starts as soon as they are born. You will certainly watch exactly how dog mothers spfinish most time licking their puppies to clean up any type of mess and being a way of nurturing them.

Puppies will certainly then lick their mothers’ mouths in return for food and also likewise lick their bodies for warmth. These long hours of slow licks in between a mommy and pup are an important bonding endure, and also this habits remains with them as they get older.

When your dog becomes an adult, arm licking can be a method of communicating via you, they do this via various other dogs. For example, when a dog licks the snout of a dog, they think about dangerous or leading, it is a authorize of deference and also entry.

So, we know it’s learned actions as soon as dogs lick other dogs. But what does it intend as soon as they do it to a humale aside from the obvious communication signal it hregarding be?

1. Arm licking for affection

Many people think of long, slobbery dog licks as their means of offering kisses, and also in many means, that’s correct. This is their way to present you love, and that they’ve missed you, and they desire to understand where you’ve been.

When my dog licks my arm, I think it’s his method of expushing affection. So of course, my organic response is to shower him through even more love – I rub his stomach even more strongly and loudly praise him making use of silly baby talk.

This is why your dog licks you as soon as you pet him or her.

In return, he licks any type of body component of mine he have the right to reach, and also the cycle of affection continues. I guess my dog thinks that by licking my arm constantly, he’s paying me ago with love.

After a couple of rounds of this, I realized I’ve inadvertently trained him right into licking my arm all the moment he wants belly rubs.

Dogs will certainly try to lick your arm and also face to display affection. (Image licensed from storyblocks.com)

2. Arm licking for attention

Take note of the timing of your dog’s arm licking actions. If they just perform it after a string of hrs without your attention or if you’ve been ameans, it is their way of asking you for some playtime.

When I’m sitting on the kitchen floor and watching over what I just put in the cooktop, my dog sometimes comes over and also provides my arm a lick.

I constantly assume it’s to say hi, and I always give him a small cuddle while we both sit.

3. Arm licking to groom you

Mothers lick their puppies to groom them, and dogs lick themselves to groom. If your dog licks you on the arm a lot for what seems favor no reason, it might be because of learned actions that they’re trying to use on you.

Long, noisy licks might intend they’re trying to groom you, as well.

You will certainly frequently watch a dog licking an owner’s arm before the dog goes to sleep. It’s probably stemming from puppyhood and also being in the litter.

4. Arm licking bereason you taste good

Dogs check out their civilization through licking and also sniffing. Puppies will lick everything they come into contact through, including human arms and deals with. As dogs get older, this instinct remains.

Small, pointed licks on your arm denote an extra exploratory objective. The salt in your natural sweat could taste great to your dog. When they lick your mouth rather, it’s likely they are trying to acquire at the food you’ve recently eaten.

Handy Hint: Dog saliva have the right to be harmful as I explain in this article about them trying to lick babies and also toddlers. Avoid gaining dog licks everywhere near your mouth.

5. Arm licking for empathy

Studies and many type of owner anecdotes display that some dogs sniff and also lick their owners once they’re upset or crying. Licking your arm is one more method of attempting to gauge your change in mood, and also perhaps their means of expressing sympathy and affection.

When someone is visibly stressed or agitated, licking could be the dog’s method to reduce that stress and administer comfort, especially if they know that this actions will certainly be welcomed.

6. Arm licking to be submissive

In wild wolf packs, the leader is graced with licks to their snout as a authorize of deference. It’s mainly seen as a authorize of submission and also obedience. And once one wolf has actually been amethod from the load, they are constantly greeted through licks to welcome them earlier into the fold.

When your dog licks your hand also, it might be a authorize of their subservience to you. They’re welcoming you ago right into your little bit pack, and also this is their method of saying that they’ve missed you.

Should you let your dog lick you?

A dog licking your arm isn’t really harmful to human beings, specifically if their favorite licking spots are just your arms and also hands and also not close to a mouth or eye.

However before, you need to wash off thoaround after taking care of your dog in any type of situation – after they’ve licked you, after you’ve given them a long and indulgent belly rub, after you provide them a bath.

That’s something you need to currently be doing.

Make sure to keep any open up wounds away from a dog’s mouth and also tongue, as bacteria have the right to quickly cause infection. The old adage that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s is entirely untrue. You could likewise smell something fishy after the dog licks you, that should likewise be addressed – find out even more here.

Kissing on the mouth is an additional story. Generally, medical professionals and also vets afavor advise against letting your dog lick your mouth. Immunoendangered people are particularly at danger for the feasible transfer of pathogens from pets.

If your dog is sick, you need to store their tongue ameans from any component of your body, and also that need to additionally include eye licking behavior.

It’s best to save this sort of call restricted, and aacquire, you’ll need to make sure to constantly wash off thoaround afterward.

Is excessive licking a trouble through dogs?

Dogs quickly get incredibly excited, and also arm licking is one method they can expush their affection to their owners.

But if you or someone in your family members or also a visitor doesn’t choose it, you can restraight the dog’s behavior by denying them attention, or totally walking away from them once they lick you. Instead, reward them as soon as they soptimal licking you.

It’s always essential to observe all your dog’s actions. If your dog is licking excessively – objects, the floor, themselves, or you – it might be a sign of stress, pain, or allergies.

Excessive licking of their paws, for instance, may be bereason of itchiness because of parasites or fungal infections. Licking releases endorphins, so dogs might lick sore muscles or joints for relief and also to soothe the pain.

Dogs that lick floors constantly is additionally a authorize of difficulties, perhaps psychological, not simply wellness issues. Here is what you should recognize about floor licking.

If they lick themselves to the suggest of hair loss or aggravating their skin, it’s finest to take them to the veterinarian for a thostormy physical. It may be challenging to identify what the thresorganize of “excessive” licking is, however just observe them carefully and also look out for other indications of sickness.


First and forethe majority of, as soon as a dog licks your arm a lot, it’s even more of a behavioral response. It isn’t typically a authorize of a significant health condition.

Generally, dogs lick human beings on the confront or arm bereason it is habits that gets rewarded. If they lick you and you offer them a treat or a belly rub, they will perform it over and over again.

The bottom line is, licking is a learned and inherited habits in dogs, and it’s generally a authorize of great affection and also obedience.

You have the right to reward or punish this habit depending on your tolerance – if you’re fine through being loved-up in this means (I sure am!), then it’s great for you both to indulge in a loop of showering each various other via numerous attention.

If not, you can turn ameans from their licks and also rather reward them when they stop licking.

When dogs lick your arms and hands, make certain to wash their saliva off thoroughly. Don’t let them lick your open wounds or your mouth.

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Our dogs just desire to expush their affection, and it’s up to us to react to it responsibly and also safely.

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