Your dog has actually a dirty bit secret: he (or she) is obsessed through your most intimate personal items. To them, your used tampons, sanitary pads, condoms, and dirty underwear are like forbidden candy. But this halittle is more than simply gross and also creepy, it have the right to be downideal life-threatening. If your dog ate a tampon or other personal care product, call your veterinarian immediately! 

What provides tampons and also pads so dangerous?


Diapers, tampons, sanitary napkins, and toilet paper are designed to absorb liquids. When swpermitted, they instantly begin to soak up the gastric juices in the digestive tract and also swell in dimension and thickness. This robs the dog of crucial fluids and puts them at danger for a life-threatening intestinal blockage. Unused and also high absorbency tampons are particularly dangerous.

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Even the tiny string attached to a tampon can cause significant damages if it becomes tangled or tears away at the lining of the esophagus or intestines.

How about prophylactics and also various other individual items?


Items choose prophylactics and also menstrual cups are non-absorbent, however might still pose a threat. According to Dr. Claire Jenkins of the digital veterinary consultation site, VetChat, it frequently comes down to size; both of the dog and the item.

“Any foreign object has the potential to be dangerous once eaten,” she writes. “Obviously it relies on the size of the object in comparikid to your dog, so a condom might be okay to be passed by a complete grown Labrador, however not, for instance, a Chihuahua. While some objects go straight in one finish and out the other, there’s also a chance of them gaining stuck in the intestines and forming a blockage along the way.”

Why, oh why would certainly a dog eat a tampon, pad or condom?

Before you label your pooch a perv, consider the reasons behind their nauseating behavior:

Dogs explore the world with their mouths and also noses. When challenged via a pungent odor, your dog can’t assist however explore it. Check out this video to view just exactly how powerful your dog’s nose really is.

They are scavengers by nature. Wild canines prefer live prey, however will certainly likewise scavenge for carrion once essential. To your dog’s effective nose, discarded tampons, pads and condoms reek of decaying biologic material.

You are your dog’s favorite smell. Chances are your pooch loves to snuggle up on your discarded hoodie, particularly if you just got home from the gym. To your dog, your distinct aroma is the ideal smell on earth, and nothing carries your scent much better than bodily fluids.

What should you carry out if your dog ate a tampon or condom?

Don’t panic. Your initially instinct could be to freak out, not just because your dog could have actually eaten something dangerous, but because now you’ll have to have that awkward conversation through your vet around just how many kind of used tampons your dog has fished out of the bathroom trash deserve to.

Contact your vet. Pups eat weird things all the moment and also then poop them out, but that doesn’t mean you should wait till your dog reflects indicators of disease. If you know your dog ate a tampon or other personal treatment product, contact the animal hospital ideal amethod. Based on your dog’s dimension and also what he or she ate, the staff can advise you on what to execute. They might suggest X-rays and an exam, or have you monitor your pup’s appetite and bowel motions.

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Know the symptoms and also act as necessary. Dogs deserve to be pretty sneaky, so tbelow is a opportunity you might not capture them in the act. If your dog ate a tampon on the sly, you will must identify the signs of disease that acfirm an intestinal blockage. These may include:

Loss of appetiteConstipationLethargyVomitingPain in the abdomen

If your pup appears ill or you just cannot shake your stress, head to the vet. You can’t put a price tag on tranquility of mind!

Once the threat is neutralized…


Lock yo’ stuff away! Your pup can have actually pooped that tampon out this time, however you’d quite not go via that aacquire. Intestinal blockage is no joke! Try maintaining your commodities out of reach of any paws, or invest in those handy safety locks human being usage for childproofing. If your pup likes eating used sanitary assets (cringe) gain a trash can with a lid. Anypoint to save your pup safe!

Crack every one of the jokes. If your dog is safely tampon/sanitary napkin/condom totally free and also you’ve made sure to take all the procedures feasible so that this never happens aobtain, breath a sigh of relief and also then go ahead and also make many jokes. You’ve earned it!

Provide many stuff your dog CAN chew on.

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