I do not really understand also why the Jedi Council did this, other than because they think that Anakin is Palpatine"s agent. But sudepend Anakin is right; how have the right to he be on the Council and not be a Master?

If it"s bereason they think he"s too cocky, why didn"t they bounce him years ago, given that 4 high-ranking Jedi Masters said they felt a disturbance of dark Force energy neighboring Anakin?



Why can"t Anakin be a Master?

Anakin"s appointment was political, not spiritual. Historically the Jedi elected their very own leaders by consulting the will certainly of the Force and by mutual consent. Anakin, on the other hand, was appointed directly by Palpatine as his "envoy" to the Council, and also his appointment pumelted via by Palpatine"s allies in the Senate.

In brief, the Jedi don"t think he"s prepared. He"s much also young, hot-headed and well, arrogant, to be component of their elite.

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“Then we have to usage someone else’s eyes,” Obi-Wan shelp “Forgive me, Master Yoda, yet you simply don’t recognize him the method I perform. None of you does. He is fiercely loyal, and tright here is not a gram of deception in him. You’ve all viewed it; it’s among the debates that some of you, here in this room, have actually provided against elevating him to Master: he lacks true Jedi reserve, that’s what you’ve said. And by that we all intend that he wears his emotions choose a HoloNet banner.

Revenge of the Sith: Official Novelisation

On optimal of all of that, they really do not trust him. They think his loyalties are split between the Jedi and also the Chancellor.

“Listen to me, Anakin,” Obi-Wan sassist, and the seriousness of his tone captured Anakin’s attention. “The truth is, you’re too cshed to the Chancellor, and also the Council doesn’t choose him interfering in Jedi affairs.”

Revenge of the Sith: Junior Novelisation

There"s likewise the truth that the rank of Master provides you accessibility to certain artefacts such as holocrons and the deeper teachings of the Jedi. In the wrong hands, those would certainly be spectacularly dangerous.

All that mattered was Mastery. All that mattered was Padme.

This was a gift past gifts: as a Master, he could accessibility those forbidden holocrons in the restricted vault. He might discover a way to save her from his dream …

Revenge of the Sith: Official Novelisation

So why did they agree to have actually him on the Council at all?

His appointment was a done deal. They weren"t consulted on this, they were sindicate increated that Anakin had actually been made a Council member. It"s not a hill that they"re willing to die on, so they have to wear it. On peak of that, having actually him on the Council implies that Palpatine will certainly consult via him more than ever before prior to, which provides the Jedi an chance to have actually Anakin spy on the Chancellor for them and also to feed him misinformation.

Obi-Wan quit walking and also turned to challenge Anakin. He hesitated, as if he was in search of the appropriate words. Then he took a deep breath. “The Council desires you to report on all of the Chancellor’s dealings. They desire to understand what he’s approximately.”

Anakin stared at Obi-Wan, stunned.

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A tiny component of his mind whispered, Don’t ever before ask Obi-Wan to come appropriate out and say something, ever before aget, however most of him was trying to absorb what Obi-Wan had actually simply shelp. “They desire me to spy on the Chancellor?”