The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Characters From Rising of the Shield Hero The characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero are fascinating in that they aren’t completely excellent or evil, making them unpredictable.

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Rising of the Shield Hero was probably one of the more polarizing, yet massively popular anime the seakid it dropped. A story of an isekai hero who doesn’t automatically become loved the minute he pops up in their civilization, it featured personalities that weren’t completely babsence or white, as well as some correct villains to root against at the very same time.

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While it’s the protagonist is probably the the majority of polarizing as a result of his characterization, the other characters are remarkable as well. The fellow heroes that job-related alongside the Shield Hero are fascinating in that they aren’t entirely great or evil, making them unpredictable in regards to exactly how they’ll behave next.

In fact, it’s not really Motoyasu’s fault that he’s inserted at odds with Naofumi. In most scenarios, he would’ve been doing the ideal point sustaining Malty. But Malty is a monster of a character, and also it takes him forever before to actually admit it.

He’s an incorrigible flirt and hits on literally any girl he meets, however worse yet is he’s obsessed via Filo. He tries to capture her as soon as and also store her stuck in her humale form, failing to understand also what he’s doing is wrong.

Filo is presented at an early stage once Naofumi buys a monster egg, just to discover it emerging into a Filolial Queen after it hatches. One of the better personalities in the series, Filo simply wants to go on adventures via Naofumi and pull carts. If nopoint else, fans have to have the ability to love her for constantly kicking Spear Hero off the display screen as soon as he becomes too much to deal with.

Ren Amaki is the calmest of the other heroes, however that doesn’t make him less of a jerk. He has a damaging habit of trying to execute every little thing on his own, even once that outcomes in resulting in more problems for everyone else.

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He can’t seem to speak making work-related for his friends, also periodically kicking civilization out of his team because they don’t seem “strong” enough for him, also though the “solo” player style obviously doesn’t job-related.

7 Best: Mirellia

The actual leader of the land of Melromarc. She knows much even more than she appears to at initially, understanding that she can’t trust her very own daughter Malty and instantly realizing her husband also isn’t all that beneficial either. After seeing just how they mistreated Naofumi, she regulated to punish them both in a means that was satismanufacturing facility to Naofumi prior to going on to help both him and the various other heroes in eexceptionally means they essential. She proves to be Naofumi’s staunchest ally external of his very own group.

Itsuki is probably the worst of all the existing heroes. While the others have their flaws and admit to them over time, Itsuki thinks he’s actually doing excellent, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, he rushes in without thinking trying to do something noble yet without thinking of the consequences.

His obsession through proving himself the hero has actually caused him doing some truly ugly points, and he even kicked someone out of his party because they briefly got the praise he didn’t.

5 Best: Fitoria

One of the heroes from a previous era, Fitoria is a Filolial Queen herself. She’s just as eager to conserve the world as anyone else in the world, but she’s also willing to go additionally than anyone else.

She’s willing to kill the existing heroes if they don’t act appropriate so even more heroes deserve to be summoned instead, which deserve to make her dangerous to the errant heroes who don’t want to carry out their project. Her no-nonfeeling attitude is very much necessary, also if she have the right to get pretty childish in her own means.

The King is as a lot of a trouble as Malty, which is why he winds up being recalled “trash” later in the series. His tremendous hatred for demi-people enabled an setting to be produced wbelow they can be aboffered in his nation.

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Because he invested so much time spoiling Malty, she wound up turning right into the type of perboy who manipulated everyone into offering her what she wanted, meaning he’s responsible for every one of what happened through Naofumi.

3 Best: Melty

The second kid of the Melromarc household, Melty is the young womale put in charge of running the kingdom after her mother steps down. She’s acquired a lot to live up to, which initially comes through making it through on the run from her older sister that desires to kill her and also take the throne from her.

She manages to end up being a close friend to Filo, while additionally slowly getting Naofumi to get over the fact that he can’t trust anyone in the Melromarc household.

There’s not a much better character in the series than Raphtalia. She starts out as a boy, and though Naofumi isn’t the many supportive perkid when it concerns taking care of her, she still manperiods to become solid sufficient to both be his sword and also get revenge for what was done to her.

She’s loyal to a fault and also functions at Naofumi’s conscientific research as soon as he’s also focused on making money or acquiring some kind of benefits from the work-related they’ve done.

1 Worst: Malty

Without also being the main antagonist, Malty manages to be the worst character in the show by a longshot. When she’s introduced, she tries to work-related through Shield Hero, yet then robs him for seemingly no various other reason than her very own amusement.

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But if that wasn’t enough, she doesn’t simply framework Naofumi for no other reason than him existing, yet we likewise check out her try to have her own sister eliminated. Tright here are no redeemable personality traits to this character whatsoever before.

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