Hello. In the commercial park wbelow I occupational, tright here are numerous sets of train tracks for products to be yielded straight to several plants. Tbelow is a collection of tracks that go across the road that my plant is on. Several times now, I have actually had to stop for a train. The train will certainly breakthrough nearly to the last auto, sheight for a few minutes, back up numerous cars, come forward aacquire, then repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times before finally relocating on. Is this a legitimate thing? Why is it done? Does it have to be done at a crossing; can't it be done wbelow it is not blocking traffic? I deserve to go around and come from the other finish of the road if other cars behind me allow, perhaps that's why they do it below, yet I've always wanted to understand.

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Tright here will be a set of one or more switches simply short of the crossing. The train is pulling forward past the switch, waiting for it to be adjusted, then backing up onto a various track. Its either establishing cars out on those tracks or picking them up (or both depending upon the day).

Many plants don't have a solitary track lengthy sufficient for all the cars they use. Cars are carried in on a single train yet damaged up right into shorter devices for loading/unloading.

This is more than likely the culprit, we execute the very same thing at our yard/shops and also it pisses world off bad at the crossing gateways. We have civilization cussing at us constantly in the time of those moves and car sorting in our 15 track storage yard.

I remember listening to yard men on the radio at the Acca Yard in Richmond say "Pull it Forward. Back it up. Forward. Back it up 3. Pull it forward.", then I realized Dirty Mike's uncle was sellin' crack to employees. Makes feeling why I saw a 3 systems bounce outta tbelow through a freddy in between 'em. Boom.

I don't think tbelow is, unmuch less I can't check out it. I don't think tbelow is also a signal. I only know tright here is a train coming by the horn.

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