While being less than half as lengthy as the initially seaboy, Seaboy 2 of everyone’s favorite brutal, goretastic anime Attack on Titan someexactly how presented more concerns than it actually answered. After a violent and also thrilling Seakid 1 that involved the recurring conflict through the Female Titan, Seakid 2 readjusted directions to deal with a Titan hazard within the Walls while revealing a few even more Titan Shifters within the humale ranks.

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Spoilers for Attack on Titan’s ultra-violent Seaboy 2 follow.

Ymir outed herself as a brand-new Titan Shifter, comparatively much smaller sized than many type of Titan yet very agile. Reiner and Bertholdt likewise announced that they were the Armored and Colossal Titans, bring about a collection of explosive confrontations in the back-fifty percent of the seachild through their goal being to kidnap Eren, Ymir, and also Historia. In spite of reaffirming her devotion to Historia in the finale, Ymir opted to continue to be via Reiner and Bertholdt in the finale while Eren and Historia retreated through the rest of the Scouts.

As the display proceeds right into a Seachild 3 at some time in 2018, right here are 8 inquiries we desire Attack on Titan to answer:


Who is the Beast Titan?

The teaser at the extremely end of Seachild 2 verified a bespectacled guy standing on the shoulder of the immobile Beast Titan perched apeak among the external Walls. This even more or much less confirms that he’s a Titan Shifter piloting the body of the huge, orangutan-looking Titan.

Aside from being able to talk coherently — somepoint no various other Titan can come cshed to — the Beast Titan have the right to seemingly regulate various other Titans via verbal commands, which at leastern seems slightly various than what the Coordinate does. It’s also implied that he’s somejust how vaguely responsible for the human beings — favor Conny’s mom — that came to be Titans from within the Walls.

If anything was made abundantly clear around the nature of Titans by the finish of Seaboy 2, it’s that all Titans are or once were human, so it isn’t really a surpincrease that someone was inside that huge monvital suit. What is surpclimbing is that the Beast Titan is supposedly an extra traditional Titan Shifter equivalent to Eren and also Reiner than someone stuck as a mindless Titan favor Ymir was for all those years.

When the Beastern Titan did talk to Mike Zacharias in the Seachild 2 premiere, he seemed perplexed by vertical maneuvering devices and also weirdly stated that he assumed that he and Mike “spoke the same language.” These details indicate that the humale inside the Beastern Titan can be a relic from a previous era, possibly even previously than Ymir.

But we recognize beside nothing about who the Beast Titan is or what his motive is. How does he relate to Reiner and also Bertholdt’s mission, if at all? You can bet that he’ll do more than fling horses and rocks at human being from afar in Season 3.


What exactly is the “Coordinate”?

The Coordinate was, for a time, simply a vague “thing” that was pointed out by Reiner as the emphasis of he and also Bertholdt’s mission, and also he readily available extremely bit context as to whatever that might be.

In the Seakid 2 finale, Eren’s usage of the power clarified everything: The Coordinate is a Titan Power enabling a perchild to command constant Titans. Eren first discovers it when he accidentally made surrounding Titans devour the Smiling Titan that killed his mother, and also he supplies it aget when he sends all of those Titans to attack Reiner’s Armored Titan. Much favor his other Titan powers, Eren has practically no principle exactly how it works.

It’s clear why the Coordinate is so necessary for both the Titan Shifters and also the humans living behind the Walls, however what stays unclear is the true nature of this power. How did Eren concerned possess the Coordinate? What is it truly capable of doing?


What happens once a Titan eats a Titan Shifter?

In among Seakid 2’s final moments, Ymir mentions that she “stole” her humanity earlier from Marcel once she ate him, and that she feels choose she owes Reiner and also Bertholdt a debt. This plainly indicates that there’s some type of power transference that happens once consistent Titans eat Titan Shifters, though the display hasn’t explicitly attracted these relations simply yet. It also leads viewers to wonder: If eating Marcel is what enabled her to rotate back into a human, then was Marcel also a Shifter? What might his Titan form have looked like?

This is a mysterious mechanic considering the truth that Eren’s been eaten previously by a Santa-looking Titan and also by Annie’s Female Titan much later on, though she didn’t swpermit his body, for whatever that’s worth. Titans don’t actually have a digestive tract anymeans, so logic have the right to only take us so far.

Might this mechanic someday define exactly how and also why Eren himself acquired his powers?


Why is Historia (formerly Christa) so important?

In Seachild 2’s fifth episode, Christa outed herself as a perboy named “Historia” with Christa being a false identification she offered for years. Thstormy Ymir eavesdropping on some nobleguys, we involved realize that Historia was the illegitimate son of a noblemale that was offered a false name to spare her life. That ultimately bring about her having no choice but to enlist in the army — not unlike how Jon Snow’s just actual alternative as a bastard child was to sign up with the Night’s Watch in Video Game of Thrones.

Hence much, all we really know is that she’s of noble birth, yet for some factor she is very important to Reiner and Bertholdt. The show hasn’t sufficiently explained why just yet, but great money’s on Historia gaining an extra influential duty as the story unfolds.

When will Levi be earlier in action?

With Commander Erwin seriously injured (he lost an arm in the Season 2 finale) and also also Mikasa a tiny shaken up adhering to the final confrontation through the Armored and also Smiling Titans, Attack on Titan is in desperate need of a heavy-hitter — especially through Mike Zacharias having passed away exceptionally beforehand in Season 2. There’s no much better time to carry Captain Levi back to energetic duty after he sprained his ankle fighting the Female Titan partway with Seachild 1. They’re going to need him if they’re to have actually any type of hope of getting to Eren’s former basement.

How were the Walls made and also how carry out they work?

After Annie’s Female Titan damaged the Wall surface trying to escape at the end of the first seakid, it was reasoned in Seakid 2, largely by Hange Zoë, that the Walls themselves were built through material comparable to the Female Titan’s hardened skin. Especially when the challenge of a Titan was revealed from within a hole in the Wall, it looks prefer every one of the enormous, impenetrable Walls are actually created from the bodies of Titans.

But why and also just how would certainly Titans themselves build the Walls to save out Titans? Logic would assume that Titan Shifters in control of their very own powers would be the only ones capable; that, or someone possessing the Coordinate via significant control over the power. But either way, both possibilities are firmly in the camp of rogue Titan Shifters favor Reiner and Bertholdt that are undermining mankind at eextremely turn.

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Who produced the Walls? But even more importantly, how?

What will certainly take place to Annie relocating forward?

Armin uncharacteristically tried to provoke Bertholdt in the penultimate episode by describing all the means that Annie has actually been tortured because her capture at the finish of the initially seakid. Aside from Hange making use of samples of her crystal casing to compare to the material within the Walls, we’ve heard very bit around Annie. Will she ever wake up out of her diamond stasis? Will she continue to be aligned via Reiner and also Bertholdt, or will things change?

What the heck is in Eren’s basement?

It’s all but certain now that Eren’s father injected him via the exact same Titan serum that prompted Ymir’s transformative punishment all those years ago, yet he’s been lacking throughout the whole series.

The incredibly end of Seachild 1 made it seem favor retrieving whatever keys can be in that basement was a priority, as if that would be Seaboy 2’s emphasis — particularly once Eren’s recovery featured the basement essential so prominently. Instead, Seaboy 2 felt prefer a lengthy distractivity from the major narrative aim of the show: to find the true nature of the people and the Titans inhabiting it.