however i wanted to know if it was ok to wear babsence sunglasses to a funeral... or would it be considered rude, i desire to wear sunglasses is because i dont really want anybody to see me cry, also if its organic to cry at a funeral.

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thanks heaps.

edit- say thanks to you for your replies. i was simply talking about simple sunglasses anymethod, the form of funeral isnt the asian one however the western style.

ive viewed a number of world wear them, so i guess is ok!

they perform it for the same reason to hide there eyes.

didn"t think it mattered as lengthy as your apparel is conservative and also dark =/

my dad and also i wore sunglasses to a funeral before.


Yea I don"t see a trouble through it either. As lengthy as it"s not party fashion glasses however all black.

I wore a pair last year simply because my eyes were red, puffy, and sensitive to even the hall lights and plus I didn"t desire world to view just how blowfishy they gained.

counts on which sunglasses.

cause if they are choose "expensive/display off" ones, I"d take into consideration it very very rude.

relies on which sunglasses.

cause if they are choose "expensive/display off" ones, I"d think about it exceptionally extremely rude.

yeah it is.. ive seen ppl wear them in funerals in dramas/movies so it must be ok but just the babsence ones.

im sorry you have to attfinish a funeral =(

yeah it"s fine.

many people tbelow wear sunglasses because they do not desire to be viewed crying.

store them simple babsence.

I constantly though wearing sunglasses at a funeral seemed so weird and also overdramatic. But I have the right to understand also, if you do not want people to see you crying. Just keep it basic favor others have stated.

As lengthy as they"re not flashy or fashionable, then it"s okay. A lot of people carry sunglasses to cover their eyes.

Still, you shouldn"t be wearing them because you shouldn"t be ashamed around crying and also the majority of civilization tfinish to think it"s unconservative.

I"ve checked out someone wear a black veil at a funeral before. It"s even more approriate for the occasion however only a fair few civilization would certainly carry out that.

hmm.. it does look out of location, and also a lot of civilization uncover it rude.

i personally discover it a small bit rude, because it"s favor, you"re commemorating someone that passed ameans, and while the procession is around them, to worry around others seeing you cry appears a litttttle selfish (in my opinion at least)

hope you understand what i"m saying, ^^;

i"d say if you MUST, then just opt for a really plain pair.

i think they"re super rude.

just to be on the safe side, don"t.

i"ve never before checked out any type of civilization wearing sunglasses at the funerals i"ve been to :/

however yeah j/w, whats your reason? favor if you have actually a good reason i understand

however if its simply to wear them, then do not.

I didn"t attend my grandmas funeral (she lives in the states) but my parents did. I witnessed pictures, and also pretty much everyone had sunglasses on. I do not find it rude whatsoever...

As long as they"re black, I think it have to be okay.

Many human being do not wear them to look "fashionable" anymeans.

ppl in movies wear sunglasses throughout funeral scenes... =

i guess it really depends

if i"m like bawling my eyes out.. i can wear sunglasses just to side my puffy eyes.. O_o

but for my nanny"s funeral i didn"t wear sunglasses... more than likely cuz it remained in the winter >.Link to commentShare on various other sites.More sharing options...
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