If you’ve ever watched an Olympic archer shoot their bow, then you’ll have noticed that they drop their bow after firing. Because the majority of of these archers have enhancements to their bow, such as wrist straps to store the bow from falling, you might have actually heard of this phenomenon referred to as “swinging” their bows. Both are correct.

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But why carry out they execute this?

Archers drop their bows bereason they’re not actually holding onto them. This could seem counterintuitive to brand-new archers, but it is a means of enhancing their accuracy. Since these archers don’t organize their bows, it means they are just maintaining them upideal because of their grip on the bowstring. When they let go of the bowstring, they are no longer keeping the bow up, and it drops or swings.

Many new archers discover this concept to be insane. However before, this is because the majority of new archers are actually shooting their bows the wrong way. To learn the correct method to fire and why you don’t want to organize onto your bow, proceed analysis. We’ll cover this and more.

Bow Drop: Why It Matters If You Want to Be Accurate


To understand also fully why Olympic archers do permit their bow to drop, we must take a few moments initially to comment on the proper way to hold a bow. Most new archers host their bows in the middle and wrap their fingers roughly it. In doing so, they get a propensity to host onto the bow as tightly as they have the right to.

This is currently a huge trouble. When you are holding the bow this way, you are creating tension in your arm and your hand. As your other hand also takes the bowstring and also pulls it earlier, a level of stress and anxiety enters right into the arm. Usually, it is fine for your illustration arm to be tense, yet once both arms are this tense, there is a trouble.

If you have your bow surrounding, try this experiment: Hold onto the facility of your bow as tightly as you have the right to and pull the string earlier. Feel the means your arms start to shake? If you deserve to perform so without bring about any kind of issues, then nock an arrowhead while you perform this. As you line up a swarm, you will notification that the stress in your arms renders it a lot harder to aim.

Now try holding the bow choose an Olympic archer would. Instead of gripping the bow, use your hand also to organize it out in front of you, then pull back the bowstring. Before you line up your swarm, let go of the bow but not the bowstring. Do not remove your hand—you still need it to save the arrowhead lined up properly. Likewise, let it go through your fingers.

If you’ve done this properly, then you’ll notification that the bow doesn’t drop. In fact, you have to feel as if it is being pulled into your hand also in between your thumb and also forefinger. This happens bereason you are holding onto the bowstring. The pressure and also anxiety you develop via the bowstring is trying to pull the bow earlier to its original position, but your hand also is in the way. You aren’t holding the bow anymore, yet you are still keeping it lined up and also all set for a swarm.

When you aim this way, you will certainly notice that the hand holding the bow is a lot steadier. This is because it is no much longer holding onto something, which relieves a great deal of stress and anxiety. To grip onto something constantly renders our arms much even more shaky, which decreases our accuracy. For Olympic archers that require the highest score possible, accuracy is the a lot of vital point in the world.

We may not be Olympic archers, however we deserve to learn a point or 2 from them.

The factor the bow drops when they fire is bereason the only grip they had was on the bowstring. As the arrowhead flies out, the bow naturally falls. An enhancement you can buy for your bow—referred to as a sling—keeps it in location so the bow doesn’t fall to the ground, risking damage.

While this is the primary reason that archers drop their bows, tright here is actually a second advantage to this occurring. Swinging the bow forward helps to acquire the bow out of the way of the arrow. As the arrowhead takes off, it will wobble a bit. This can’t be avoided, which we stop about here:

When the arrowhead is wobbling, there is a possibility that it can bump into the bow and be sent out off taracquire. Swinging the bow is one method of creating a better follow via after shooting. The bow drops out of the arrow’s way, which considerably reduces the opportunity that it catches the arrowhead and veers it off course.

So, Olympic archers drop their bow primarily bereason they aren’t holding their bows, but secondly bereason it is a form of follow through that makes for even more precise shots. You have the right to see this strategy in action in this video:

My Bow Didn’t Come With a Sling, Have Any Suggestions?

Tbelow are tons of options available for slings that you have the right to purchase, however you will have to be mindful. Beginners that don’t understand a lot can head to Amazon to purchase a sling and also buy the wrong item. Tbelow are many type of moving bags that have the right to pop up when looking for slings.

A correct sling will go a lengthy method towards helping you gain a sense of how to shoot more accurately. This should be thought about a momentary product, as it is exceptionally straightforward for a sling to wear down with use. Always keep an eye on yours for wear and tear and relocation it before it breaks.


Do Compound Bow Archers Drop Their Bows?

No, not really. Compound bows are designed in different ways. Those firing longbows or recurve bows will pretty much always follow through their shots by letting the bow drop. As stated above, this helps store the bow out of the arrows method and increases accuracy.

Dropping the bow is also the natural circulation of body motion for a longbow or recurve shooter to follow. They would certainly enable their muscles to follow the route they would certainly want to take normally, so the shooter doesn’t injure themselves by trying to go against body physics.

Compound bows shoot a lot, a lot faster. The arrowhead can leave a compound bow at practically twice the speed it leaves a longbow or recurve bow. This means that the arrowhead is lengthy gone by the time the bow would drop.

However before, compound bows likewise take the majority of the tension off the archer and areas it on the mechanics. When the compound bow archer fires, tright here is no require for the follow through of a longbow bereason their body physics are completely different. As such, tright here is no need for compound archers to let their bows drop.

Are There Different Types of Slings?

There are two kinds of slings that are the majority of commonly used, consisting of around 95% of all slings in usage. The other 5% are slings that have actually been custom-made to individuals’ distinct needs and desires.

A finger sling is a form of sling linked to one’s pointer finger and often one’s thumb also. When you let go of the bowstring, the bow starts to drop forward. Those via quick reflexes have the right to grab the bow as it starts its forward pointer. Likewise, a finger sling have the right to make this procedure even much easier because it borders the distance the bow have the right to relocate away from your hand also and stays clear of it from dropping to the ground.

A wrist sling has the same impact as a finger sling, however it wraps approximately the wrist rather than about your fingers. Both these kinds of slings have pros and cons, so it is as much as you to balance that which is ideal for you.

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If you want to watch these in activity and also learn more around just how finger and wrist slings attribute, then inspect out this indevelopmental video:


As you’ve currently seen, Olympic archers let their bows drop bereason they aren’t holding onto them. This might be a radical realization for those that grip onto their bows with all their can, but is doing so really necessary?

No, it isn’t crucial to drop your bow, specifically if you are a compound archer because it’s downappropriate useless for compound bows. However before, if you are using a longbow or a recurve bow, then it is in your ideal interest to purchase a sling and also begin improving your develop.

It might feel weird to let your bow drop at initially, yet the innovation in accuracy you’ll view as a direct outcome will sheight for itself. Get out tbelow and also start leveling up your archery skill!