Dear Typical Josephine: Watching the national evening news, morning news and also any kind of significant network talk mirrors, I am constantly surprised to find that the woguys anchors — the Gail Kings, Kathie Lee Giffords, Kelly Ripas or Norah O'Donnells of the world — in sleeveless or incredibly brief sleeved dresses, tops and blosupplies. It never changes; they dress that method year-round.

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Call me old-fashioned, yet I put away my summer clothes eextremely loss in exreadjust for long sleeves, cardigans, jackets, turtlenecks and sweaters.

So what’s up with that fashion trend? Is it a trend? We have actually seasons right here in the Midwest. Not all the mirrors are videotaped or broadcast from Los Angeles, wright here it’s sunny and also 75 degrees eextremely day.

You understand it is cold, dark and snowy in New York (as is Michigan), yet these women are dressed in capped sleeve or sleeveless dresses!

Am I lacking something? Yes, they deserve to display off their toned arms, yet perform it in the time of the summer months. I have not worn short sleeves given that October. It’s as well cold!

Do they slip their winter coats on over their bare arms? Is it only for display and, as soon as they are off the air, they dress prefer the rest of us? Or does namong it matter?

Am I missing something? Why all the arms hanging out? It really bugs me!What are your thoughts on this topic?— Lori Longstreth, Saginaw

Dear Lori: Average Josephine simply had to respond to your letter. It's not the first time she's heard this complaint from a reader.

One point you left out is that television studios are notoriously chilly. It’s a wonder they aren’t shivering via the entire newscast.

Typical Josephine is fairly specific the bare arms are intended to make the female tv personalities appear sexier. Skin equates to sex, and also sex sells.

What’s unfortunate is that the overwhelming majority of these women have actually had to work-related exceptionally hard to breakthrough to nationwide tv positions only to be pressured to display some skin when they make it.

Not to point out it just looks foolish to be wearing a tank optimal and also strappy sandals in the middle of the winter.

Like you, Lori, Typical Josephine stores her off-seaboy apparel. She couldn’t imagine a winter without her favorite cardigans.

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