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My husband hears footsteps in the residence at night... (strange)
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Originally Posted by Tallysmom
Well, I have it too. And it isn"t constantly a buzzing sound for me. But this post was meant in jest, not intended to be a clinical diagnosis.
And "spirits" would never before have the ability to reason doors to slam, lights to go on and also off, and phones to ring? Yet, somejust how, they carry out. But I agree; I"d like to understand the scientific research behind that. It"s the million dollar question.

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Well, once execute you sfinish me my million dollars? Any one that has read my write-up over the years ,recognize I have actually been involved via research study to much better educate myself regarding learning all I have the right to about spirits. Actually the ability to execute the points you stated, is not clinical at all, it is a assumed process by the spirits. If a heart desires something, it only has to connect in thought to make it so. I perform but feel, making the sound of footsteps would certainly be out of the realm of the spirits. Obviously they can, and perform cause many type of physical actions that some of us are able to hone in on.An example of the thought process was quoted in the book "Life after life", by Raymond Moody. It encountered a husband also that passed, leaving his wife of many years. They had actually common life together, elevated a household, and also had a comfortable home. In a call event via his wife after passing, he told her he had a home just like the one they had actually shared, and also all was beautiful. He defined that he only had to think it,and also it was tbelow. Perhaps physically in the heart world, the home was not tbelow , but in the thoughts of that soul the home was very genuine. I have been witness as well paranormal actions in my own home, with objects relocating, and also in later on EVP session via my deceased companion, he told me it was he, that was responsible for these objects moving. As for the op"s husband also hearing footmeasures, I am of the opinion it has something to carry out with his subaware, and also not paranormal habits by some heart. Many of our day to day experiences have the right to create a subaware event.Bob.