Fire trucks have the right to occasionally get to an emergency faster than an ambulance and deserve to additionally help paramedics in obtaining a patient onto a stretcher, Madiboy Fire Department spokeswoman Cynthia Schuster sassist.


A: Fire trucks have the right to periodically acquire to the emergency faster than an ambulance, and also a one- or two-minute difference might make the difference in conserving someone’s life, said Madiboy Fire Department spokeswoguy Cynthia Schuster.

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Eexceptionally firefighter is trained as an emergency medical technician (EMT), and the city has even more fire crews than ambulances, Schuster sassist. Firefighters deserve to carry out fundamental clinical treatment till the ambulance arrives.

Some fire crews additionally have actually a paramedic on board, Schuster added. For example, Fire Station 14 at Dairy and also Femrite drives on the Southeast Side has actually one paramedic and also progressed life-assistance clinical offers.

City ladder and also engine suppliers are supposed to arrive at an emergency within six minutes of a 911 speak to being inserted. Ambulances are expected to be on the scene within eight minutes.

Fire crews can additionally be beneficial if a patient demands to be lifted up on a stretcher, Schuster sassist. With the firefighters, a complete of six civilization have the right to lift patients to a stretcher and also relocate them to the ambulance, instead of simply 2 paramedics, Schuster said.

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Madiboy Streets Division collects trash even more commonly than recycling, in component, bereason of the nature of it -- trash stinks and attracts pests -- however recycling does not pose that exact same nuisance.