Here are some of our favorite turvital jokes for Thanksgiving from contributing editor Rictough Lederer:

Best Turcrucial Jokes For Thanksgiving

Why did the turcrucial cross the road?To prove he wasn’t chicken.

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Is turcrucial soup good for you?Not if you’re the turkey

Why did the perboy quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey?Since the feathers made him cough.

Why did the turessential bolt dvery own its food?Because it was a gobbler.

What carry out turtricks like to eat on Thanksgiving?Nopoint, they’re already stuffed.

Did you hear around the conservative turkey?It had two ideal wings.

And there’s also more….

Why did the turvital go to the movie?To view Gregory Peck.

Why is a turvital comparable to a ghost?Due to the fact that it’s a-gobblin’.

Why did they let the turessential sign up with the band?Because it had actually the drumsticks.

I provided to be addicted to Thanksproviding leftovers, however then I quit cold turvital.

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Happy “Turkey” Day!

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