The Nurse Timeline and also Overview

1.3: The Nurse provides it clear that she, not Lady Capulet, is the one who has really elevated Juliet, as well as the one that knows her best. Lady Capulet is trying to tell Juliet about a marital relationship proposal, but the Nurse hijacks the conversation via her memories of Juliet"s childhood antics. Sounds choose an under-the-table power battle.1.5: The Nurse watches over Juliet at the party. She breaks up the Romeo-Juliet kissing scene when she pertains to tell Juliet her mommy is looking for her. The Nurse starts her function as Romeo and also Juliet"s go-between when she increates Romeo of Juliet"s identity and also later on learns Romeo"s name. She"s a continual ol" matchmaker.2.2: The Nurse adds both comedy and stress and anxiety to the balcony scene by calling to Juliet from offphase and forcing her to go ago inside repetitively.2.4: Juliet sends out the Nurse to meet through Romeo and discover out the plans for their wedding. When the Nurse tries to uncover Romeo, she is met by Mercutio, that both flirts via her and also mocks her. The Nurse is concurrently insulted and titillated by Mercutio"s innuendoes. When she ultimately gets Romeo alone, the Nurse talks a mile a minute and bacount enables Romeo a word in edgewise. Miraculously, he somehow gets his message across.2.5: The Nurse loves teasing Juliet, so when she retransforms via a message from Romeo, she refuses to tell Juliet what Romeo has actually said. Instead she complains around her aching ago and also just how tired she is. When Juliet can not stand also it anymore, the Nurse tells her that Romeo is waiting to marry her in Friar Laurence"s cell.3.2: The Nurse has gone out to get a rope ladder to permit Romeo to sneak into Juliet"s room that night. She brings earlier the ladder – yet she has also simply watched Tybalt"s dead body and also heard that it was Romeo that killed him. The Nurse tells Juliet the destructive news and also bitterly denounces Romeo. Juliet yells at the Nurse for criticizing her husband. When she sees exactly how desperate Juliet feels at the news of Romeo"s banishment, the Nurse promises to uncover Romeo so Juliet have the right to say good-bye to him.3.3: As the Nurse suspects, Romeo is hiding in Friar Laurence"s cell. Romeo is a full mess, and the Nurse tells him to acquire his act together for Juliet"s sake. Then she allows Romeo know that Juliet still loves him, even though he has actually eliminated her cousin.3.5: After Romeo and also Juliet have spent their wedding night together in trick, the Nurse comes in to warn them that Juliet"s mom is coming and also that Romeo had better tranquility out. Lady Capulet announces that Juliet will certainly be marrying Paris later that week. When Juliet hysterically refoffers to marry Paris, her father is furious at her disobedience. The Nurse tries to intervene and also tells Lord Capulet that he is being also harsh on his daughter. In response, Lord Capulet assaults the Nurse verbally – and also possibly physically. He tells Juliet that she deserve to either marry Paris or be thrown out onto the streets. After her parents leave, Juliet asks the Nurse for advice on what to execute. The Nurse tells her she have to forgain Romeo and also marry Paris.4.2: Juliet comes earlier from her visit to Friar Laurence, and the Nurse thinks she looks more cheerful. Juliet states she will certainly marry Paris and asks the Nurse to help her number out what clothes she need to wear on her wedding day.4.3: Juliet asks the Nurse to leave her alone, informing Lady Capulet that the Nurse need to assist through the wedding preparations.4.4: The Nurse bustles around excitedly through Lord and Lady Capulet as they prepare for the wedding.4.5: The Nurse tries to wake Juliet for her wedding via Paris. At first, she teases Juliet around sleeping currently since Paris will certainly keep her up all night during their honeymoon. Then she realizes Juliet is no much longer breapoint.

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Alengthy through the remainder of Juliet"s family members, the Nurse mourns over the body of her beloved girl.5.3: The Friar confesses to the Prince that the Nurse was involved in Romeo and also Juliet"s secret marital relationship. It"s unclear if the Nurse will certainly be pardoned or punimelted for her function in the tragedy.