Throughout the whole seachild, which featured social media celebrities and also Insta-well known folks, favorite groups have trfinished on Twitter based upon their cult followings and their assorted social media accounts.

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Team Tyler and also Korey has actually been a fan favorite from the first episode. Tyler Oakley and also Korey Kuhl had arguably the largest pre-Race fan club, and also as they ongoing to do well episode after episode, their fan base only grew. With a full of five first-area finishes, Oakley and Kuhl were a shoo-in for first area overall.

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But in a stunning rotate of occasions, unintended winners were crowned king and queen of the latest seachild. The aptly named Dancers took residence the first-location win and $1 million, shocking fans a small however mostly just pissing everyone off.

One of the a lot of reviled teams of this season, Dana Borriello and also Matt Steffanina have actually carried out some of the worst vitriol viewed in reactions to The Amazing Race.

Most of the harsh criticism has actually been weighed versus the feisty, opinionated and quick-tempered Borriello. She’s been referred to as a drama queen, mental, a brat and a lot worse. During a particularly disastrous meltdvery own, the tweets versus her were simply downideal unreferred to as for.

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So as soon as Dana and also Matt pulled via all the fighting and also bickering to win it all, the ride-or-die fans of Tyler and also Korey were not happy about it.

umm excuse me #TeamTylerAndKorey #AmazingRace

— Tiffani Starr