A crucial component of the creed the Black Brothers swear to is that "I shall father no sons".

But we recognize that the former Lord Commander Jeor Mormont had a kid, Ser Jorah Mormont. Presumably, if the Lord Commander was faithful to his vows, he fathered Jorah prior to taking the Babsence.

Is tright here anypoint in either Video Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire that defines why Jeor left his family to join the Night"s Watch, and once in his life time he did so?




We"re not told when and why, but we have the right to make a guess.

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It"s feasible he wanted to offer his seat to his child, Jorah, and handed his blade Longcregulation to him prior to his departure. After Jorah shamed himself and his home, he sent Longcregulation ago to his father in the Night"s Watch.

“My kid lugged dishonor to Housage Mormont, but at leastern he had the grace to leave the sword behind once he fled. My sister reverted it to my maintaining, yet the very sight of it reminded me of Jorah’s shame”A Game of Thrones - Jon VIII

Jeor was evidently coming of age (as detailed below) and also made a decision he would certainly lug his Housage honour by "taking the black"

Father asked if tbelow were any kind of knights in the hall that would execute honor to their homes by taking the blackA Game of Thrones - Sansa III


It"s not known, but it is recognized he arrived before Alliser Thorne did, who was sent tright here at the end of Robert"s Rebellion. He is shelp to have actually been Lord Commander of the Night"s Watch before Alliser"s arrival.

"The Watch has actually no shortage of stableboys," Lord Mormont grumbled. "That appears to be all they sfinish us these days. Stableboys and sneak thieves and also rapers. Ser Alliser is an anointed knight, among the few to take the black given that I have actually been Lord Commander. He dealt with bravely at King"s Landing."A Video Game of Thrones - Tyrion III

But they"ve been contradicted in more current canon and semi-canon sources:

"You were just a boy, and I was all in babsence, one of a dozen riding escort to old Lord Commander Qorgyle when he came dvery own to see your father at Winterfell. I was walking the wall around the yard as soon as I came on you and also your brother Robb. It had snowed the night prior to, and also the two of you had actually constructed a great hill above the gate and were waiting for someone most likely to pass underneath."A Storm of Swords - Jon I

From the over, it"s worth noting that Jon was born at the end of Robert"s Rebellion and was not lugged ago to Winterdropped till after the Rebellion.

So we know he was in the Night"s Watch from at leastern around 14 years before the occasions of ASOS, and also we know he"d left after Jorah was wed and before the Greyjoy Rebellion.

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