WWE has suspended Natalie Coyle (Eva Marie) for 30 days reliable immediately for her initially violation of the company’s talent health plan.

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Eva Marie joins both Alberto Del Rio and also Paige, that are a actual life couple, as the third superstar tobe suspended by WWE over the last two days. The suspensions of bothPaige and Del Rio were announced Wednesday however did not officially start till Thursday, and also those suspensions have actually left inquiries around the project defense of both Del Rio and Paige.

Could Eva Marie"s WWE career be on the line, too?

Eva Marie is possibly one of the company"s a lot of controversial superstars, mainly bereason she"s widely criticized by hardcore fans for what is considered to be a finish lack of wrestling capacity. The general agreement seems to be that she hasn"t improved much in the ring, won"t ever before enhance enough to validate her spot in WWE and also is rather taking the area of someone who"s more deserving of her place, like NXT"s Bayley.

Nonethemuch less, that didn"t prevent WWE from officially calling up Eva Marie to the primary roster as part of the WWE Draft last month, and also in fact, the imaginative team has provided her a substantial amount of TV time so far. She"s been provided a gimmick in which she is supposed to wrestle a enhance each week but ultimately constantly finds a various excuse not to, such as an "injured" leg or a "wardrobe malfeature."

It has been a way to both mask Eva Marie"s limitations and generate heat from the crowd, which loathes her like perhaps no other female perprevious on the roster. She garners warm greatly bereason of her regarded lack of skill (rather than an actual skill of being a great heel), and that"s specifically why she has been positioned as one of the optimal female acts onSmackDown.

Now, it"s unclear if WWE will be willing to stick to the push she"s been provided on the blue brand.

Unfavor Roman Reigns (that was additionally newly suspended), Paige or even Del Rio, Eva Marie leaves a lot to be desired as a perprevious. However before, she"s likewise among the major focuses of the hit show Total Divas,which is one point she does have going for her and also couldbode well for her offered this Wellness suspension.

After a wave of Wellness-associated suspensions over the last couple of months, WWE shows up to be buckling down on its superstars, and some of those stars may quickly no much longer be superstars at all.

At the extremely leastern, though, expect to view Eva Marie"s press scaled back, if she"s not taken off TV altogether.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions to Eva Marie"s suspension below:


Vince: "I can not wait to put the brand-new women"s title on Eva Marie!" "But boss, we have to suspfinish her." Vince: pic.twitter.com/owwTvXRKUP

— Graham Matthews (
WrestleRant) August 18, 2016

Shouldn"t Eva Marie obtain the same considerations and concessions as Brock? I intend, she only wrestles part-time too.

— Justin Henry (
JRHWriting) August 18, 2016

#WWE has announced they"ve suspfinished
natalieevamarie for 30 days. It"s legit, yet sure does play right into her storyline of staying clear of the match!

— Justin LaBar (
JustinLaBar) August 18, 201

Update (9:24 AM EST on August 19):According to WrestlingInc.com, WWEdiscovered out around Eva Marie"s Wellness test faientice the day before it was announced:

Top officials were made mindful of Eva"s Wellness violation on Wednesday, so this wasn"t a situation of WWE discovering the results of the test well in advancement prior to the announcement.

Eva Marie"s actual life husband also Jonathan Coyle took to Twitter Thursday evening, denying any kind of wrongdoing on the part of his wife, writing:

When the public finds out why my wife was unjustly suspended they will certainly be absolutely outraged! Official statement and facts coming quickly.

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