FemSteph is a expert gamer, streamer, and Twitch partner. She presently has actually over 214k followers on Twitch and 32k followers on YouTube. She routinely plays many kind of forms of games on her constant streams, consisting of fight royale games, favor Fortnite, and also single player games, such as Stardew Valley.

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FemSteph joined YouTube in September of 2012 and began streaming on Twitch in March of 2014. Before that, she functioned as a digital marketer for a video clip game publisher, showing off her passion for gaming in her career. On her streams, FemSteph plays various genres and formats of games, and also enjoys trying out various content.

She was inspired to produce her username after the lead character in Mass Effect. The game’s fandom describes the female version of the main character as “FemShep,” a naming system that FemSteph substituted her very own name right into.

FemSteph mostly produces content on her Twitch channel, regularly streaming throughout the week. She plays both multiplayer and single player games, doing finish runs of story-based games and engaging in competitive play across various other genres. Some games she has played involve Counter-Strike, Cevery one of Duty, and also Rocket Organization.


As FemSteph began to stream content online, she steadily acquired popularity over the years. Her gameplay, array of content, and also constant streams all contributed to her prospering number of followers. She also came to be an official Twitch Partner, which better put her right into the spotlight when it involved developing content. All these factors contributed to the streaming success story she is today.

FemSteph spends the majority of of her streaming time on multiplayer games choose Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, H1Z1, and also Destiny 2. These games all feature FemSteph’s playing style as she engperiods with her audience. In the past, she would certainly on a regular basis uppack highlights of these streams onto her YouTube channel, however, she has actually because seemingly relocated away from doing so.

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FemSteph likewise spends a continuous amount of time on single player games, such as Stardew Valley and also The Legfinish of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She likes to focus on games that have actually a complete story mode that she have the right to explore and also endeavor all the way through. As she works her way via a story-based single player game, FemSteph will certainly consistently upfill Let’s Play videos of her playthroughs onto her YouTube channel.

Aside from her very own gameplay, FemSteph additionally hosts a Friday Night Games through Friends stream on her Twitch channel. These nights frequently involve playing co-op through fellow streamers across battle royale games.

These streams, and the others FemSteph holds throughout the weekfinish, deserve to conveniently last much right into the night and into the morning. On any type of various other day, FemSteph will most likely be streaming in the evening and nighttime hours. She on a regular basis streams for 7 hrs or more at a time and also takes Tuesdays off.

On her Twitch channel, FemSteph has actually over 214k followers. Her YouTube channel is also renowned, with 32k followers. FemSteph has actually over 61.4k followers on Twitter and also over 41.3k on Instagram. She mainly supplies her social media accounts to administer updates on her life and interact with her followers. She likewise has an official Discord server and also is an official Discord companion.

FemSteph’s net worth is presently unknown, however between her Twitch and Discord partnerships, donations, sponsorship deals, and various other revenue, she is totally able to make her living as a streamer. As time goes on, her net worth will most likely increase as she grows even more renowned.

Personal Life

FemSteph acquired her username from her initially name, Stephanie. She was born on July 24, 1988, making FemSteph age 30. She has actually a brvarious other called Gabriel, however FemSteph pdescribes focus on her gaming fairly than discussing her household life. Her interemainder in games led her to a career as a digital marketer for a video clip game publisher, which eventually offered method to her streaming. She presently resides in Washington.

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FemSteph is likewise in a partnership through fellow streamer Goldglove. FemSteph and also Goldglove have actually been dating for several years and regularly talk around each other on social media. While tbelow was some current confusion in the digital neighborhood whether the 2 had damaged up, FemSteph has actually stated that they are still in a relationship and relocating forward together.