Ugh, those visible veins that adjust your leg appearance! We all want to recognize that our veins are healthy and working properly…but that doesn’t intend we desire to see them with our skin! Unfortunately, a number of determinants make it more likely for your veins to come to be visible. First, we’ll go over your risk components and also then—bereason we’re Houston-based vein experts, we’ll assist you number out exactly how to treat visible, bulging veins!

1. Your Period Affects your Veins.
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Valves and Veins

Veins are blood vessels that rerotate blood ago to your heart from other components of your body. Your veins contain a series of valves that are intended to open and also cshed easily, helping your body fight gravity to press blood up in the direction of the heart.

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Sometimes, those valves don’t job-related well, and the blood travel suffers—flowing backwards or pooling in your legs and feet. When that condition sets in, you are enduring somepoint referred to as venous insufficiency. As it turns out, varicose veins deserve to actually be a symptom of venous insufficiency: the pooling blood is what causes your veins to bulge, as they come to be overwhelmed.

Signs of A Problem

Varicose veins are a visible symptom of venous insufficiency, which is why they are beneficial indications. Other symptoms of this condition include chronic leg swelling, especially swelling that gets worse throughout the day; hefty legs; and, surprisingly, pelvic pain.

Why is it important to determine and also treat venous insuffiency? The answer is this: with this problem, varicose veins are simply the reminder of the iceberg. In severe instances, VI can cause you to construct a deep vein thrombosis ( a clot that creates in the veins deep in your legs.) A DVT is a clinical emergency, because if it breaks loose from your leg veins, it can take a trip to the lungs (pulmonary embolism) and thrconsumed your life.

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Treating Your Varicose Veins

Many type of times, our Houston vein specialists are able to diagnose VI because a patient seeks therapy for varicose veins.

Thankcompletely, many varicose veins can be treated easily, with minimally invasive actions. And the chance to diagnose a bigger, potentially life-threatening problem? Worth eincredibly minute of a so-referred to as cosmetic consultation!